Apo Go Pump

I have now got my pump and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how to carry it or what to carry it in? I know it comes with a fabric pouch but its not exactly subtle or attractive!! I was thinking of something like a leather mobile phone carry case - has anyone found one that fits it?
perhaps puk should hold a competition to design one? how big is it?
ps my wife suggest you look on ravelry.com for a knitted solution but then she is as knittaholic.
when I was on the pump I made a sort of a holster to go on my belt. very macho.
I also made a silver chain to wear as a dangler round my neck. Very easy to get hold of. Christopher
Hello everyone,

My husband used the apo pump for fifteen years and we tried many different carriers. He was into photography and we found some of their small pouches! ideal and some have a strap or a loop that you can put onto your belts. A lady friend used to make very attractive ones to go with different clothes so there is something to think about, the problem with attatching to belts for men is going to the loo so perhaps one on the shoulder may be better it certainly opens up a talking point.
best wishes
Many thanks for the replies. At present i am carrying it attached to my belt in the rather unattractive grey fabric pouch supplied with the pump. It is true that care needs to be taken when dropping the trousers - the weight of the pump, belt,trousers and whatever is in the pockets all hanging on one small needle.....
If you call the APO helpline they have other pump holders available. They sent me a flashy red and black carrier that looked more like designer mobile phone holder. Don't get me wrong it looked super cool, so cool in fact i was scared to wear it in case someone tried snatching it while walking down the street....now that would hurt!
Just for info, the APO helpline that blueeyes47 mentioned is
0844 8801 327 and 0208 938 3951 in the evening.

Many thanks for the replies - i have contacted the helpline and asked them to send me the trendy "Apo-Pod". In the meantime i have bought a pouch from www.yellowcross.co.uk that does the job perfectly.

Hi I make my own as when the hospital gave me a grey bag I asked if I could have a pink one they said it only comes in grey ekkkk I don't do grey. So I bought some pretty coloured material some coloured wide elastic and made my own. Different colours to go with my different outfits. They re not 100% perfect but I'd say near enough there the more I make the better they get?I could post or send you a photo if you like but just joined this forum and haven't yet worked out how to do it. Let me know if your interested. From VF Georgiejeeves , age 56, female and diagnosed 10 years ago.

If anyone wants to see a picture of my home made pump bags just ask but you need to tell me how to post pictures ha ha ha 

G eorgiejeeves


I was having really bad, down times, before the pump.  Up to 7 times per day lasting anything from 15  mins to 2hrs. What happened every day came on with no warning any time of the day, unpredictable. I was unable to move, stand, walk, move legs, arms or fingers, difficult to communicate, felt like I was balancing on a pin head weather I was standing sitting or laying, awful nightmare. Was also getting pAnic attacks. Wouldn't go out etc could go on and on. I was put on this pump thing being told it would stop my down times!!!,! Did it!!!!!! Wait for it !!!!!, nooooooooooooo help any ideas. I'm still getting the down times, maybe not so many maybe 2-4 per day but just as bad just as frightening still won't go out, won't go to work keep crying, fed up. With my self. Only  a young 56 want to enjoy life but can't go out. Hospital thumbs down not helping feel like I'm on my own. Any suggestions. Also still on the same amount of meds I was on before e pump. From help anyone


Hi, I was on the pump for 3 months, at first it seemed to have a little benefit, but benefit soon faded, i therefore decided to come off it.

My ex wife is a nurse and she made a sling to hold the Apo-go pump, it went over my shoulder and across  my chest, so it hung down my side. I would put it on before getting dressed. It was brilliant, it was really comfortable, and easy to get to. It was made from 3 inch elastic fabric, that you can get at any sewing shop.


Hi .  I too was on apo go some time back & had a pump. I made up a holster to go on my belt cowboy style, & very succesfull. Alas I had to come off apo go as it was causing me to be aneamic which upset me as it seemed to be an excellent drug.. Never mind.  Good Health

Hello! I’m looking for something attractive in a neutral colour (beige or light grey would be ideal) to carry the pump in whilst hidden under clothing. Any useful ideas or recent discoveries of yours would be most welcome!

Hello again… for anyone else looking I thought I’d share what I found. I emailed the pharmaceutical company that make the Apo go Pump, and they sent one out for free. It’s very discreet, like a money belt, with a hole for the line to go through.
There is a lady who makes pouches for medical requirements and has made one specifically for the Apo Pump. I think the company is called ‘pouches4all’ or similar. I’ve ordered one through eBay, about £18. It’s light beige and looks very comfortable. These may also be on Amazon.

Amazon have lots of items you can checkout like underpants with secret pockets or sports bands that wrap securely around the waist and have zipper pockets that can hold a mobile phone it’s a sports thing for joggers also type in on amazon clever travel companion they have clothing with secret pockets for backpackers and diabetic pouches have loads of items tight vests that might make the fusion line more compact whilst your working cleaning the home or bending down etc that’s what I find awkward about the pump and am forever checking to see if it is not coming out you can try wear the tight vest I mean skin tight that might help keep it in place and then you can put the pump in the stashzband it’s called that fits around the waist tightly think about it try different items I think the key to comfort is the tight fit but u will have to experiment it depends where you have the infusion mine is in tummy few inches either side of belly button can’t imagine how people use shoulders thighs I just can’t see that working I neeed to use lavatory fast sometimes and it would be nightmare also Dystonia attacks rolling around floor trying to get a position of relief for the pain of muscle spasm in lower back aswell as spine feeling like it trying to snap in half and your neck is tensed hard as rock but one half of your back muscles are loose and saggy , oh amazon pouches for all but try all of them I mean look at all of them hope it helps you good luck keep positive ( he says eat my own words I am never positive but must try).