Apo-go pump

    I have recently been experiencing severe off periods lasting two or three hours with painful muscle cramps, during which time I can hardly walk. My neuro has recommended that I be fitted with an Apomorphine infusion pump (apo-go) and I have an out patient appointment in a couple of weeks time. I just hope it gets results.. Meanwhile, I would like to hear from anyone else who has had this treatment. How successful was it? Any side effects? Disadvantages? 


Hi Christo

My doctor started me on Apo-go about 3 years ago.  Things were getting bad for me and doc thought that it was time I tried it.   I went into hospital for a week to learn how to put the needle in every morning.

I kept going with it but I was very anxious, having panic attacks and ended up in hospital for 6 weeks.   I kept going again and very gradually let it help me.  I'm on Madipar, Stalevo and Amantadine (plus a  bunch of others).

I proved that it was helping me one morning because I set the pump up etc., went to work and at 10:30a.m. went completely "off".   l soon realised that I had forgotten to put the pump on and it took about 20 minutes to come back again.

It has certainly gone right down my list of things to worry about!  Hope you have success with  this medication.

Best wishes


Thanks Casie. Apparently, they are going to try me with the pen first (self inject). Fingers crossed!

Hi Christo.

i tried Apo using an infusion but I came off it for three reasons,firstly I am rather lacking I spare flesh so it was very difficult to find a place for the needle resulting in bruises where it had been. Secondly I felt very nauseous and lost my apatite  and thirdly it made no difference although when I had the Apo challenge back in December  using the Epi pen it worked well. Have you tried the Epi pen yet and if so how is it going


Hi Christo,

I am the main carer for my mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 13 years ago and have been looking after her since I was around 10 years old (18 now) throughout this time she has tried many different types of medications and there have been a few difficult years especially after my sisters left for university, just leaving mainly me and my dad (who’s away from 6am-8pm working in London)
I understand that most people have different symptoms but for her the Apo-Pump has been the most successful by far and has lead to my mum to be way more independent and doing things like gardening and mostly painting which she has not done since I was a kid.

She has too suffered from many ‘off’ periods but unfortunately she still does get them from time to time. In which I need to help her walk and move around.

I have managed to get used to how the pump works and what are good ways of keeping it running smoothly. However it has taken me a while.
There are a few disadvantages to the pump, in which can make it annoying or difficult to handle through the day;

  • We have found that it is best to make sure that you change the fluid at least once as the heat can effect the fluid.
  • sometimes the fluid line can get caught on door handles or tables which may cause the line to stretch or even fling the needle out of place.
  • As well as this you must make sure that the needle does not get reused or put into the same spot which has a lump or bruise and is best to let these places heal. Using fingers to feel were bumps or lumps may be and switching from the right side to the left we have found that it is the best way to find where to put the needle.
  • When setting it up you should make sure there is no air-bubbles in the syringe, this can cause a blockages in the needle.
  • One more thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you do not over use the Boost button, this can cause many peaks and destabilise your meditation creating a fine line for you to get back to stabilisation.

I should probably say again that these have worked for my mum and it may be different for you but I wanted to say as it has taken me a long time to get to grips with the Apo Pump.

I hope for the best and that the apo pump is as life changing as it is for my mum.
If you wish to get in contact I am more then happy too help.


Hi @HSoper,

Welcome to the Parkinson’s UK forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you so much for sharing your story as a carer for your mum, you’ve given such great insight into the Apo-Go pump which I’m sure other members will appreciate. I’m also really happy to hear that your mum has responded well to it and I’m sure she appreciates all the love and support that you show to her.

Best wishes,

Just brilliant,