Apo morphine

Hi all i am on apo go pump 12hrs but find when i iject first thing after 2 x 125 madopar feel terrible for the first hour hot flush voilent shakes and generally feel awful , i take 2 x 125 madopar when i get up in morning to get me to prime pump etc and hour and a half later i take 2x domperidone and then inject shortly after feel terrible for a hour then sort off levels out for the rest of the day might get a bad shaking attack in the middle off the day can anyone tell me any better way they have found works for them many thanks. leaky
hi leakylee, i am going to see my pd nurse on tuesday to discuss going on the pump your experiance has made me think twice about starting on it but my consultant thinks it is the best solution as i have what the consultant called complex pd i was diagnosed 9yrs ago, do you feel that it is working some of the time and what would your advice be to go on it or not, sue

My husband was on Apo for fifteen years some of it for 12 hours and then 24 hour's and you need to change the site if on more than twelve hours.
I would check on your directions of tablet to start the day as you need to take the domperidone before using apo that is the whole point so that it prevents you feeling sick, I am surprised you have to start on two Madopar's as usually one will do and our consultant would not start someone on two to start the day, but all the consultants differ. Please be careful as apo stains everything and is very difficult to get off clothes, we always used AAA carpet cleaner neat using a cloth to get the stains off carpets but clothes no luck I am afraid, we had emulsion on all the walls in our house as then you can just paint over the marks and the same for doors. If you have a wet room with the special non slip bubble floor sorry to say we never managed to get that off, so I wonder if tiles would be better but the O/T's would say that wasn't safe.
Please don't be afraid to use apo as it gave my husband many years of a better quality of life for most of the fifteen years.
All the best to you both.