Apo morphine

Has anyone been away on airplane with all the clobber reqired liqiud etc , i would like to keep the supply in hand luggage as you know your stuffed without it every day and seen how they handle your bags when packing hold , i know the pump and driver looks a bit iffy in this day off idiots blowing planes out the sky the carriers have to be very carefull i know
I recently started using Apomorphine pens and not long afterwards had to travel by air. I mentioned this to the nurse from Genus Pharmaceuticals, who supplied me with a leaflet from her company that I could show to airport security. I also got a letter from my GP and took a repeat prescription form to show that the tablets that I was carrying as well as the apomophine and the necessary needles were all on prescription. This may seem to be a bit of a belt and braces job,but I thought better safe than sorry. As it was I carried everything in my hand luggage and declared it at airport security and was waved through with no problems. On the way back the security took a longer look and then waved me through. Nobody asked to see any documents. I didn't ask, but maybe they see more people travelling with this type of medication than we think. I hope this helps.