Apo morphine

does anyone know how to remove that green stain howeverhard you hard you try you still get it on your shirt.
Hello Leakylee,

You may have seen my other post on this but just in case you haven't my husband was on an apo pump for fifteen years, firstly just 12 hours then 24 hours. The stain is a real problem, it won't come out of clothes unless you can bleach them and it will stain tiled floors although I think it will come off porcelain tiles, we used triple AAA carpet cleaner neat on a cloth and dabbed it on the carpets which usually worked but paintwork forget it you will have to paint over it a couple of times.
We always warned any carer's or nurses because people have a tendency to squirt it, bad mistake spray's everywhere. The apo worked very well for my husband and gave him many more years of reasonable life, he had to come off a couple of years ago and is now in a nursing home but he is still able to do amazingly well for someone with pd for thirty years.
All the best to you