Apo morphine

Just started using apo morphine, i take it as and when i need to, just as a stop gap my normal pills kick in . the effects on me are that it does work but its
more difficult to in bed and i am worse after food than i was before i took it. any of you using this drug ?.
Hi iceman, I have been dx for 12 years now and I have recently stopped using apomorphine. Some years ago I developed IOCD due to taking Requipt, which you probably know is a dopermine agonist.

More recently I was having difficulties with my meds wearing off too quickly so I was prescribed the apomorphine. Initially I felt great on it however after a couple of months I noticed that my spending was increasing gradually, I can not afford to drift back into that abyss that I climbed out of again so I have stopped taking the apomorphine. It's back to pain, lethargy, dyskensia ect ect.

My advise would be, if you have had no previous problems taking agonists then you will be ok taking the apo, however, keep a close watch and ask friends and relatives to monitor you too for any changes in character ect.

I do hope it works for you because it's a great drug if you can take it.

I was on Requip for several years and it affected my behaviour in several ways. It increased my sexual desires and meant I took risks with money and family. It wasn't until I stopped both Mirapexine and Requip that some sanity returned. Amusingly now there was a time when I would go out to buy a loaf of bread and come back with a Car to join the other six in front of the house. Forgetting the bread!
Now I take amatriptiline 300mg in the morning pls the stalevo cocktail every 3-4 hours. Talk to your PD nurse or consultant if you see any changes in behaviour.
Best of luck ... Keep smiling