Apomorphine and insomnia

Hi, I’ve joined this forum because my Mum has been suffering with PD now for 7 years. The levodopa wasn’t working too well anymore so a few months ago she went into Apo Morphine via a pump. After the awful initial vomiting (her GP wouldn’t give her anti-nausea meds!, so I changed surgeries…), it seems that she’s in a better place now than before she started. Still some diskenisia in the afternoon. She’s still on Levodopa. The most recent problem is that she is awake from 2 or 3am and cannot get back to sleep! They’ve given her melatonin, which is really like a herbal remedy, helps you to fall asleep but not stay asleep.
Do any of you ever use Zopiclone or Ambien to sleep? Just half a one? Is it allowed with the above mentioned meds?
Don’t be cross with me for suggesting! I know they are addictive but when working for an airline I took them occasionally and they were a godsend.
She’s reluctant to try CBD because the NHS doesn’t recognise or want to recommend it.
Thank you x

Hello, sorry can’t answer your questions but your mother is not alone in having poor sleep - I have been awake since 3.30 am myself and if you put 4 am club in the search you will find several posts. Parkinson’s UK have an information sheet which may help.


Rather than medicate in some way I have opted to go with it since I no longer work and the early hours will find me. getting on with odds and ends, hobbies etc. Some days I don’t move too well so have my bedroom set up so that I can be comfy until my meds kick in - have put in a tv to go with my radio, ereader, magazines, cards etc a travel kettle and coffee you get the idea. Not saying what I do will suit your mother only that something along these lines may help it beats fretting because you are awake and in the summer you can’t beat an early morning cuppa in the garden or sitting by an open window. I hope your mum finds some way to cope that suits.