Apomorphine and Travel

Does anyone have experience of travelling longhaul (flying) with an Apomorphine pump? I have been offered this medication to even out the dosages of Levodopa and mitigate Dyskinesia but am concerned that it may restrict my travel - I have family in Australia. Issues such has taking/obtaining sufficient supply of medications, going through security, etc spring to mind.
Any experiences would be welcomed

Hi we have travelled to Egypt and Lanzarore with the pump, to Egypt we only went to Egypt for a week so we took enough for 2 weeks but we went to Lanzarote for 3 weeks so we took 28 bottles reservoirs and infusion lines. Had no probs going through security at Manchester went through scanner with pump on no prob, they seemed to think it was a pump for diabetes but were happy enough for us to go through with a quick scan over with the wand, I was dreading Egypt as they seperate couples but they were very understanding with my husband both going in and coming out of the country. Same in Lanzarote no problems. Our Apro nurse did lend us a spare pump to take with us. They were all packed in one bag which i checked in as a medical bag. Will be interested to hear how you go on with the pump as husband been on for almost 12 months but feel it is more of a bother to him now than benifit as he now has Lewy body and is always fiddling with the pump. Mind he is talking of us going to New Zealand so who nows. Goid luck with things