Apomorphine pro and cons

Hi there can someone tell me how the apomorphine pump helps …can u swim with it . Sleep with it . Exercise with it …please and whats the dos and donts…and side effects please

Hi there haze, I,m no expert but have been using pump for 17 months along with other meds,stalevo,pramipexole & amantadine.I am in my 20th year of living with pd & can say that what the apo go pump gives me is a more consistent day with less on/ off times.I am experiencing some bad hip & leg pain,but whether this is caused by this medicine is still being investigated. As for wearing pump I uses smal bumbag for day & night. If you ask your provider for neria.-guard needles you can disconnect to shower but I don’t thing it would be advisable to swim I have found it quite simple to fit the pump & remove but you must keep injection sites clean & nodule free.hope this helps

Thanks for the info …can and how do u sleep with it

I’ve been using the pump since June and unfortunately have had no benefit from it as yet, quite the reverse actually with more falls etc. I’m seeing the consultant today, so watch this space. Have to say the Apo nurse for my area, Susan, has been brilliant.
As far as sleeping goes. I actually switch off and take the pump off at night, also when I have a shower. Don’t know if that’s the norm, but certainly the instructions given to me.

I have been using the Apo pump for 2 years and it has benefitted me as far as reducing the on/off times of oral medication , I use it during the day a nd have occasionally showered with the Neria Guard cannula in position . Up till July I was happy with it but since then I have had difficulty getting the Neria Guards, My Pharmacist has now been told to order direct from the manufacturer which he did on 14th October. It is now 24th October and they still have not arrived ! Anyone out there having the same problem ?

Hi there,

My mum uses Apomorphine and it has helped a fair bit.

  • Some people use it through the night as well as through the day, depends what you are prescribed.
  • Mums is increased by 2ml every 2 weeks.
  • You cannot swim or shower with it. You can unplug yourself and re attach after though. (Leaving needle and line in during shower).
  • My mum finds the lanyard around the neck is too heavy and it causes her distress. Mums symptoms are terrible though and she has many neck spasms.
  • The drugs get delivered in huge batches. I’d highly recommend buying a set of drawers to keep the different parts in. Makes it much easier when preparing the kit for each morning.
  • No negative side effects at the moment. Had hoped for more of a success with it, but definitely still a big improvement.

Hope this helps!

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