Apomorphine pump and living alone

Hi, my mum is 63 and has advanced Parkinson’s disease. She’s much more off than on now. She tried the apomorphine pen years ago and got a response from it but it didn’t last long enough before she would be off again so she stopped using it and has been on co-carledopa since. We discussed at the beginning of this year about moving to the apomorphine pump. I’ve read great things about it and also had a lot of useful advice from people on here. I was feeling very hopeful it could significantly improve my mums quality of life. If we could give her more of a constant on it would be amazing. She is sadly widowed and the consultant and Parkinson’s nurse are concerned about the logistics of her living alone and setting this up. She had a practice when the apomorphine nurse came out and managed to do it all apart from one small part that I think she’d manage with some practice. The apomorphine nurse was happy she was suitable (subject to us getting the response test in hospital). I live 5 mins away, she has 2 other daughters and carers that visit 4 times a day who are amazing. It’s the same 2 carers all the time who have a great relationship with her. My mum deserves the opportunity to try this and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve her quality of life. Has anyone else come up against barriers with infusion treatments because they live alone? They can’t just write my mum off because she’s sadly widowed when there’s still other treatments to try which could make a huge difference in her life. Any ideas how we could ease their concerns? Can you even pay privately for a nurse to visit at first to help set it up each day? Any help/advice greatly appreciated as always :slight_smile:

Hi @alisonlouiset,

Apologies for my delayed response to your comment, I was liaising with our helpline team to advise on the appropriate information to share with you.

Upon receiving their advice, the best thing to do is to contact our helpline directly and ask to speak to a nurse. Our advisers can arrange for a callback (usually within 24 hours), and our nurses should be able to offer some more detailed advice on possible options for your mum and how to proceed.

Please give us a call as soon as you can on 0808 800 0303 or email us at [email protected].

Best wishes,