Apomorphine test

Hi all my neurologist wanted a second opinion so I went to see a parkinson's specialist today and he is concerned about my lack of response to my medication and thinks I may not have parkinson's . I am on 1.05 3 x a day pramipexole and 3 x 125 mg of madopor , so he wants to do an apomorphine test , please can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks Martin
Hi mrn 307
I had an apomorphine test about 12 months ago. All that happened was my meds were withdrawn several hours before the test so I was in "off" mode. Then I was injected with apomorphine. The theory is that within 10 to 15 minutes you should respond and switch "on" again.
They had to up the dosage before they got any response from me but as it only stays in your system for about an hour so this wasn't a problem. I suppose in your case failure to respond would further indicate that you didn't have Parkinsons.
Best wishes
Hi mrtoad thanks for the reply,it is helpful martin
Hi just to let you know I went for an apomorphine test today and was given an injection of 2 ml ( I think ) and found it didn't make any real difference to the way I felt in myself but on the tests I had improved slightly, I was then given an injection of 3 ml and took the tests again and I was found to have improved by about 60% overall. I then saw the specialist and he concluded that it was ipd and wants to increase my madopar to 250 mg 3 x a day and if this doesn't work then he will consider putting me on apomorphine