Apomorphine therapy

I have been taking increasing amounts of Levodopa in the form of Madopar and Stalevo since diagnosis 8 years ago. I am now experiencing end dose dyskinesia which is becoming extremely uncomfortable. At a recent consultation with my Parkinson's Specialist Nurse it was put to me that I would benefit from Apomorphine therapy. I would like to find out more about Apomorphine before I decide whether to have this form of treatment or not, preferably from someone who is presently on Apomorphine and has a pump fitted. Can you manage the pump yourself? Does the pump make a noise? How often do you have to change the site of the needle/tube and can you manage this yourself? Has the dyskinesia disappeared? Any practical advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

hi i am 3 years in on dx with PD i used this drug in injection format injecting myself. It is a very powerful drug quick acting but short lasting I use it for my aggressive Distonia. it is a fantastic drug but I hate the fact that I have to use it. When i get a Distonia attack it makes me feel vulnerable because it is so visual if this drug was not available to use and nothing else would stop my attacks I would quite frankly kill myself, I could handle being controlled by the Distonia.

I have at home the leaflet that comes with my med's. If you want  I will post it to you, you will need to private message me your address. Let me know what you decide.


Good Luck BB x