Apomorphine under the tonge trials

Hi seen this on michael j fox site the other day…anyone know how long it will be before its available in the uk on nhs, sounds really promising ??..
ill post link here, not sure if it will work tho

heres what it says :
People with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who experience “off” periods, times when symptoms return because medication isn’t working optimally, soon may have a new treatment option. Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently announced positive Phase III results of under-the-tongue apomorphine, which mimics the effect of dopamine, the brain chemical that decreases in PD.
“Off” times can occur in the morning, upon awakening or at any time throughout the day. They may happen gradually, such as when medication effect wears off before the next dose is due, or suddenly and unpredictably. Treating “off” typically involves adjusting medication dose or timing, or for unexpected “off” times, using an apomorphine injection as needed. This medication is effective but has limitations – giving the injection can be challenging for some, it can cause low blood pressure, and doctors have to administer the first dose to watch for side effects. So, researchers formulated apomorphine into an under-the-tongue strip to treat up to five “off” periods per day. It’s an on-demand, add-on therapy to a person’s regular Parkinson’s treatment regimen.
The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase III trial tested the apomorphine strip in 109 people with PD who had “off” periods. The medication significantly improved motor symptoms within 30 minutes and the effect lasted for 90 minutes. The most commonly reported side effects were nausea, sleepiness and dizziness.
i was diagnosed at the age of 32 im 57 now…so this looks promising
thanks Hugh

Thanks for this Hugh. I hope it all goes ahead. I use the injections - which I hate but they do work.Under the tongue sounds much easier to manage. I was diagnosed when I was 41 and am now 63. I have only used the ap-go pen for three months but I can’t inject myself. It make me too jittery!

Sounds good to me, Hugh. Taking medication under the tongue works as quickly as injections. Folk with angina have used GTN tablets under the tongue for more than a century for rapid relief. I use CBD oil under the tongue for rapid relief of symptoms.

For folk like Lin who hate injections it’s a godsend, though having T1 diabetes with 5 injections a day to stay alive, it wouldn’t bother me. But it’s easier carrying around a strip of tablets than an an injection kit.

Hello Island_Mike
My heart goes out to you and all your fellows who have to inject so many times a day.
My husband always administers my injections - I am sure to be nice to him just in case!!! Joking aside, if I did it myself, I would probably end up like a pin cushion. I don’t usually have a tremor, only when I see the dreaded needle!

I was diagnosed at 42 and I am 58 now, I have used the Apo go pump now for 3 years it works for me however injecting the needle and suffering the pain from the lumps and nodules is painful at times so an under the tongue strip would be perfect for me,if it worked!
Two points of note that may help when using the pump

  1. Never prime the line first

  2. Always take one Domperidone every morning

I have received several reports about sublingual apomorphine stating that the US’s FDA (regulator) has fast-tracked its decision about this form of delivery of the drug and the decision is expected on 29 January 2019. I do not know what this means for availability in the UK. The sooner the better, of course!