I have recently agreed to try apomorphine but was both concerned and surprised when I received a letter advising me that I would need to discontinue all medication 72hours prior to going into hospital for the day to start with apomorphine.
I will speak to the nurse after the xmas period to discuss my concerns but wondered if this is standard practice. I have no idea how I will manage for 3 days on my own with no medication.....
Hi unless things have changed when my o/h was trialled with apomorphine pump (15 months ago now) he had to go into hospital 24 hours before, they stopped all meds 12 hours before, 3 days seems drastic best to check with PD nurse said.

Best Wishes xxx
hi poorna, are you going on the pump or the pen,i have been on the pen and i certainly was not off my meds for 72 hours prior to the apo challenge which is what you have to have when they try you with the apomorphine increasing the dose about every hour untill they reach the dose that works for you, when i had it done i ommitted my meds over night only, the pd nurse i now see has suggested the pump for me but even with that they have never said about being off my meds before starting me on it just that i will have to go into hospital for about 3-4 days while they get the dose right you need to speak t your pd nurse and find out exactly what is going to happen good luck sue.
Hi Lilly,
thanks for your reply. I am going on to the pump, but they have now changed their minds about the 72 hrs and don't want me to stop any meds prior to going in...lets hope it works!