It has been suggested that I start to use apomorphine via a pump. Has anyone out there any comments or experience of using it. Would welcome any comment positive or negative to help me make an informed decision!
Thanks. Gill
My husband is at the same stage so would also be interested in this thread.

I have read some good reports. I think it depends how you tolerate it.
Hi Suzie and Gill

sorry you have had no replies to your post , there have been several PWP on the forum who have tried and using Apomorphine but ? where they are.
hope this helps
My hubbie had Apomorphine via a pump for 8 months it certainly helped ease the awful on/off periods and the apo go pen was brilliant with dealing with dystonia which he suffers badly with but unfortunately due to his sensitivity to Dopamine Agonists his OCD/ICD returned with avengance . The Neuro team were hoping that this would not happen as usually being delivered via the pump it minimises this but sadly no.
It is not for everyone and being the squeamish person he is with needles i thought he would not get used to it but he did , think it was positive thinking.
most days he was able to sort out the pump unaided and insert the needle into his stomach (sounds awful but it is a very fine needle ) .
From a positive view it certainly helped his mobility and daily function , it is a very good drug in our opinion but no good for PWP who have had previous issues with DA's .
He now has Duadopa pump which is more intrusive but does work well for him .

hope above info helps, best wishes and good luck with whatever you decide to do .x
Hi gill,
There was a thread recently on the apomorphine pump where a member asked a question similar to yours.

Maybe the responses might be useful to you: http://bit.ly/V9wQcY

I hope it helps,

Hi All,

I used an Apomorphine pump with mixed success - I used to fill it and put the needle in myself each day which was a chore but once everything was in place , I almost forgot it was there !. It worked successfully for me but isnt really set up if you try anything too vigourous - sweating caused the dressing to peel off and the needle to fall out all too easily - I took it off for the last time in 2004 just before I completed a 10,000 ft tandem skydive !
It also had a rather embarrassing side effect similar to viagra - which is not what you need when you are supposed to be working! I had to apologise that I couldnt get up and get a drink several times ...anyway enough said . Another side effect it caused me was extreme startle - i would twitch or jump at the slighted sound or noise - carrying hot drinks or a plate of food was a real challenge akin to Its a Knockout!
Apart from the above ...it did work so I guess its about weighing up the plusses and minuses- for me ultimatly the minuses won

Hi Suzie, Matt and Bubble X and Ezinda.
All the information you posted has been very informative. Thank you for taking the trouble to get back to me! I have only just recently started using the forum - I am still not very savvy with IT. But I am learning quickly. This site is a wonderful find!!! X
Hi Gill,
I have been using the pump for three months now, its been quite a journey but worth it. It has definitely helped me. I have had tremendous support from the specialist nurse from the drug company, If you want any more info please contact me, I'm not good at sharing medical details publicly. good luck if you choose this route.
With some trepidation I started on the pump 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised how little bothered I was by the actual process of inserting the needle and gettng used to having the pump on my person all day.
However, I have been really disappointed by the effects. I have a lot of dyskinesia/dystonia with my oral meds and it had been hoped that the continuous infusion would help smooth out the peaks and troughs and help with the unwanted movements. However, it seems so far, to have exacerbated the dyskenisia and dystonia, so much so that I am reluctant to continue with it. As it happens the apo-nurse is coming this morning and I'll see what she thinks.
But give it a go - it's worth a try.