Appearance of Richard Briers

. It was great to see the legendary Richard Briers CBE (now aged 77) on TV this evening working for Comic Relief / Red Nose Day. Richard is a famous PD sufferer, and had a pronounced tremor in his hands and arms. However the cheeky smile never left his face. What a fine example. We love you Richard! .

Unfortunately I missed that, but had no idea that Richard Briers was a sufferer either.

See this website:


Richard first got involved as our President because his second cousin suffered badly from PD.

This was fellow actor Terry-Thomas.
I remember vividly seeing TT on the telly at the time.
Little did we know! Is it definite that Mr Briers has it too?
ps was it this program
No it was the live dancing competition for Red Nose Day on BBC, which was won by Ade Edmonson, dressed as a ballerina.

Richard Briers was on the overhead screen providing some of the commentary.

I don't think it's ever been officially stated or announced that he has PD, but believe me if you saw his shaking last night you'd be in little doubt.

Presumably it's in the family as T-T had it.

at 45 minutes
richard a brill actor i like watchin the good life,watch the repeats alot ,he funny:smile: