Appo pen

I am going to our local hospital next week for trials for suitability to use the Appo Pen.

Do any of  the Forum Members use this and what results have you had.

Hi Keygirl. I have been using an Appo pen for just over a week now . The pen is easy to use and I am getting good results. However, I am having to inject myself seven or eight times a day, which is somewhat inconvenient. I am due to see my neuro on Friday and hopefully it will be a matter of adjusting the medication. If not I may have to be considered for a syringe driver (pump)

Good luck!



My husband used Appo both the pen ject and the syringe driver for fifteen years, this made a huge difference to his life by smoothing out the days so I would say use it if it makes it possible to continue the best life you can have. Two things to be aware of are that it stains grey/black so be careful on clothes or anywhere in the house,bleach won't get the stain out of clothes but on carpets we used "tripple AAA carpet cleaner neat with a cloth and that worked well, the other is that you can get a bit lumpy just under the skin so always give the area a good massage afterwards.

I hope that helps best wishes  vivian

Thank you for your reply Christo –i am glad the treatment is working for you.  Also to Vivian – thanks  for your reply and positive encouragement.

Unfortunately despite the guidance of a  Specialist Nurse, the treatment did not work for me so I’m back to square one with very few options left.
Best wishes to you both

Hi it looks like it has been sometime since anyone posted about the Appo.pen or pump treatment.

I have been experiencing the awful ‘wearing off’ periods, more off than on. Meaning for a large part of the day I am in a black hole and can’t function.

I tried both the pen and pump, I desperately wanted them to work but had to discontinue them as I had an allergic reaction to the solution (huge hives)

Has any one experienced similar reaction and been able to get past the allergy problem?