Appointments yet?

Good morning…just wondering if anyone has had an appointment with a consultant or PD nurse in any form?

My HWP has not had any contact with anyone since Oct 2019, thats a long time…

We are being told constantly that covid cases in hospitals are at an all time low since the beggining of the pandemic and the NHS is open…so where are all the consultants,PD nurses and even GP’s?? Why are they not holding clinics etc…

I’m very sorry to hear that and think you should maybe contact his medical team and ask them given the length of time. My own appointments have continued at 6 monthly intervals seeing the consultant at one then the Parkinson’s nurse at the other. Of the last three 2 were telephone reviews the other face to face. I can also contact them in between by phone or email if I need. Entirely different to your experience. I wish you luck. Let us know how you get on.

Not been on here for ages.
I have had face to face and video and email together with phone calls

@Babesbrown, My advice to you is to phone your Consultants Secretary and speak to them or leave a message such as the case may be or, if you have one speak to your local Parkinsons Nurse. My last appointment was at Bristol back in September.


snap, am at a loss how to make the neurologist see me - my phone calls - one for 3.27 and this latest 2.22 mins hmmm

Hi my last appointment was last September ive had 4 cancelled since ,keep moving my dates ridiculous i understand we have covid but nhs is still running