Aqua hydration formula

I have just read John Coleman's book about recovering from PD by taking Aqua Hydration formula & Bowen Technique. I wonder if anyone has tried it (I'm new). And can anyone recommend it. I'm not expecting recovery but some relief might be good.
I haven't tried this therapy, so can't give you any comments from experience of it. I've read a little on the net about it.
It seems to be advocating 2 basic things, keeping well hydrated and doing some exercise. I think that's likely to be good for anybody, but it's not likely to be a magic bullet for parkies.Maintaining a good diet, keeping moving, being aware of posture, an all round healthy lifestyle will help you fight parkies, at present there is nothing that will make it go away.
hello woodman
I was dx Sep 2010 and I have been taking ahf since January and having Bowen technique since last autumn. I also started very low dose of Madopar in April. Definitely having better days as regards stiffness and soreness and generally not feeling like death warmed up all the time. Obviously difficult to know what has made me feel a bit better without stopping one of the treatments which I don t want to do. John Coleman also recommends other changes to lifestyle eg diet which I have found difficult to follow. I do stretch and exercise daily plus I drink 3 pints of water. I certainly think the last two things are very important. I just think that if I can feel a bit better from following some of his advice I will try it. I have read and re read his book and find it helps me when Im having a bad day. By the way I have found Bowen technique very gentle, relaxing and non invasive. The trouble is I think we all want a quick solution and he does emphasise that it took him years to recover his health and he never says he s cured.
Best wishes samdog
Thank for the kind advice. Very encouraging.
Yes and Woodman, even the neuros will say that exercise and a positive attitude will help you to do well with your pd love Sunray
Samdog, may I ask whether you were allowed to exercise after the Bowen Technique treatment. I had it a few years back for a frozen shoulder. effective but was not allowed to do any other exercises, a real bore. Are they all the same or shall I find another one.
Hi Samdog,
Would you share more about John Coleman's treatment? I am still thinking to join. How can we benefit treatment through e-course? Are you on hydro therapy too?
Every PD patient has his own symptoms. I was dx in March 2007. My Madopar (250 mg X 3 times) lasts only 3 hours each. I am struggling in between drugs.
My Bowen Therapist sees me every fortnight. I agree this treatment is very gentle.
I had Chinese herbal & acupuncture treatments. They were expensive.
Desperately need some advice!
Hello - this is my first post - been following this thread as my partner (dx May 2010) has more recently been suffering with a very sore left hip - and wondering whether it is P or something else. It seems it's likely to be another P symptom and from what I've read these aqua hydration drops could be helpful. It seems difficult to source them in the UK though. Coleman's book is encouraging and I can see how it could really help but what he suggests is a real challenge for anyone having to try and hold down demanding job as part of the deal. Hydration though I think is a key thing and my partner is not good at this.

For the person interested in Coleman's stuff - he also has a website:

Any one else tried these aqua drops? Changed to a certain type of mattress? (seems mixed views on this) Tried Bowen therapy?

Thanks for any advice