Aqua Zumba

I go swimming 3 times a week, with a friend and have done for the last 10yrs. or more. Three weeks ago we were in the pool when a lady came to give free Aqua Zumba classes, so we joined in.

It's quite hard to keep up with all the moves, especially as they're sometimes quite fast and you're doing it underwater! But it's fun and no-one expects too much of you. It also exercises the body in a different way.

Another friend who has PD, has just started Nordic walking and loves it. I'll maybe give that a go too!

Anything that keeps us active is worth trying, in my view. Just wondered if anyone else has benefitted from either of these activities?

Hi I have joined a local walking group and meet on a Saturday, some people walk naturally and some will do Nordic walking. the aim of the group is to progress to 100% Nordic walking. 

I have only done it once but did enjoy. It gives you a complete work-out especially the upper arms.

hopefully, I will be able to improve and do it every week.


I have been doing aqua fit for long time I find it  has helped me alot since being diagnosed with PD,especially my L arm and shoulder which was very stiff.I recommend to anyone with PD.