Are hospital doctors PD friendly

I recently took my partner who has PD to A&E following advice from a call to 111. This was for a medical problem not related to his PD but obviously I made sure that they knew he had PD . It was a busy evening but he did get seen by a fantastic nurse who organized a trolley so he could lie down and maintained a caring approach. In all he spent 17 hours in A&E and a further 24 on a ward once a bed was available. All the nursing staff were fantastic despite being busy showing patience and understanding. The doctors less so, first doctor wondered why he was twitching and did not know he had PD so obviously had not got far down the notes. Another doctor came loudly into room expecting instant conversation at around 630 am when movement levels were low. He also had not read that he had PD. fortunately he did change his attitude once he had been corrected by me. But it does raise the question that if someone is admitted with PD and is not accompanied by someone who knows them well, what understanding are they going to get if drs don't read the top of the notes that state has PD. We all know only too well that ignorance of PD exists but doctors however busy should know better, and follow the examples set by nurses.

i think its a world wide problem. This is a thoughtful video