Are some of the users of this forum older?

Dear all,

I was dx finally, after much tooing and froing. in June, and am on Sinemet. I am also 71 and it seems to me, perhaps wrongly, that most people on the forum are younger..I am reasonably well and very active, My husband and I would describe ourselves as very active grandparents. My main symptom has been the tremor, and that is now well controlled by the meds.I would like to find some older people to chat to. I always enjoy and learn from all the posts, but feel that perhaps the experience of being older sets me apart a little.

Any suggestions?


Hello frances,

I'm 77 and have had PD for five years, my wife (Anne) is 71. We also are active grandparents, albeit all grown up.

You can see my introduction under Hark at oak by Jules77 also I have written something under symptoms,

I think I must be suffering from forum BO, as I've had just one reply.

Glad to read that the siminet is keeping things under control.

the thing that's bugging me a bit is facial muscle pull. But hey-Ho Anne and I are still active in our beautiful little village.

All the best for 2016 and also to all all Forum readers.






Hi Frances,

Sorry to hear about your dx, and yes you are right this forum does seem to have a majority of younger sufferers, it may well be worth your while to check out your local support group. Going by my own branch Lincoln the majority of our members I would say are 60+.

However we are all registered here to help out anyone with their dx as well as learn about PD and the way we all manage our common condition.

Don't hesitate to ask for some help if you need it we all do our best to try and help and provide the most important factor after all, support.

Kind Regards Karen BB. xx


Hi Frances,

I was also diagnosed at nearly 71,I am now 74 and was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago.Unlike you I dont have a tremor.I am on a fairly high dose now of madopar,which has been great,but am beginning to find walking more difficult,,will be seeing the neuro soon so will be having a chat about other meds,  

 I live in Scotland and our only grandchild is 2 past last month,she is super and is adored too by her Grandad who is 80 next month(We are dead old for first time granny and grandad )A brother or sister is coming in March,luckily my husband is pretty fit!.I am sure some of the folk who use The forum are oldies too and more will be in touch. All the best for 2016.

 Cheers   Anne 


I don't think age matters much here. Everyone has something important to contribute. There are younger PWPs on high doses of drugs to control fast moving conditions, and older PWPs diagnosed several years ago who are still working, running, sky diving, cycling, and/or living a good life without meds, and every variation between.

Something that makes me feel really old, is my Neuro being entitled the   "care of the elderly* specialist.. At what age does one officially become elderly ?  Anne29 observes that they are *dead old* for first time grandparents. But you are as young as you feel.

Meanwhile, it may be the night when one is supposed to stay up and celebrate, but I've got a terrible cough which I will try not to share, that makes me feel about 306, so am off to bed early. I'll be awake at intervals anyway, to check that 2016 gets off to a hacking, I mean cracking, start!

Happy New  Year


Happy New Year Supa Hope you get better soon.


BB xx


Hi Francis as Supa said age does'nt matter on here, we all have our own problems etc., that we like to air  on the forum in the hope we can get some advice from others to help us with our journey through life with PD, so fire away and talk till your hearts content about anything, someone will solve any problem you might have or be interested in what you have to talk about. By the way I am 63 and have had PD for nigh on six years.

Keep posting, regards Sheffy


sheffin    I also don't think age matters because we are all here to help and support one another. I dont have PD my wife does, she does not get involved with the forum and leaves it to me So Frances welcome to a forum that can hopefully maybe help and give you a little advice



my Mum was 82 when she was diagnosed. So over the 10 years she lived with PD, many of the things she and I had to cope with were not the same as younger PwP, some a bonus - ie she wasn't having to deal with work related issues, or having dependants. But the symptoms were the same and I got support from the PUK website and helpline.

Now I am a forum member I hope contributing my experiences of caring for Mum (whatever her age!) are helpful to others, and it is certainly helpful to me in doing what I can now to support PUK and it's members.

Age is not an issue, it is the similarity of symptoms that someone may be able to help you with that is the most important thing. PD symptoms vary between people but that is not age-related! (well I don't think it is!!)

So to copy Billywhizz 'welcome to the forum' and you'll find there are lots of readers keen to share their experience, and will respond to your posts - if they can - with their support and amazing knowledge about PD!!