Are some people for real

Wow i cannot believe what i have just seen on the forum , some idiot advertising fake passports fake driving licences etc and the idiot gives his email and skype , am i right in thinkiung this sort of activity is illegal ? what a total idiot to advertise your contact details publicly


Maybe the moderators can do something with it ?


Has this post been reported to the police?

I assume the moderator has done so and would be interested to know what action the police will take.


Not sure if that is what puk or the moderators will do GG  , i know we get plagued by adverts but fake passports and driving licences really takes the biscuit

Hi all,

We were sorry to see the posts advertising fake documents this weekend. Unfortunately, because this deals with passports and matters related to immigration, it would sit with UKBA and not the police. We've sent them an email making them aware of the incident and letting them know we can provide further details. 



I guess the guy advertising them will not have used his real name etc but i would have thought the UKBA could trace him via his ip address /internet provider .

I am not sure fake driving licenses are a matter for UKBA...surely that is a police matter?


The first 8 out of 11 posts are advertising!

Most of them for an illegal activity.

Whatever would a newbie looking for support think of this forum?

Time to sack the creators of this website and look for a refund?

At least the old site didn't suffer from this idiocy!




Yes there is another fake driving licence post in the feed back section and a kitchens advert in introductions

This is now getting a bit ridiculous 6 adverts are on the forum and 5 of those are for fake passports

Now 8 for passports!

Is this a record?


I like you am sick to the back teeth of these TW*** getting away with it............come on moderators get it sorted once and for all. Yes it is a police you want us to do the job for you???????????

It's becoming absurd and one of the many reasons that I do not post on this new incarnation of the forum very often which frankly is a farce!!

I have said this before but the money spent on this sad excuse for a forum would have been better spent elsewhere. You can set up a forum for free online or one with the all singing and dancing facilities for a few hundred pounds per year. I know that you can as someone on another forum, nothing to do with Parkinsons, has  done just that as the members were rather fed up with things and the function of the original forum.

GG, I fully expect the record to be broken some time soon and me to get yet another warning for insurrection on the forum. No smilies on this forum so this is the best that I can do ;-)) Hope you get my gist.  :-)))



BTW, any post that makes reference to these dummies is free advertising in an indirect way, so please desist from even mentioning them in any post on any thread that appears, just ignore their threads..... it's just what they want to  further their evil agenda. Trolls of the highest order.


Re: your post earlier today..............the problem has not been resolved, it's ongoing and getting worse.

I think that PUK are passing the buck to other agencies on this matter, keeping us happy by saying that they are dealing with it when, in fact, they are not. They are.dragging their feet actually,when in fact they should be dealing with the trolls via their IT department, at source. IT.... it is possible to block an IP address.

Report the IP address to the provider and get them cut off and also report them to the relevant agencies which I am sure will consider this a minor problem with all that they are dealing with at the moment and therefore it will probably take months to deal with as they have more pressing matters than our forum.

I  will not advise new members to our branch to join this forum, it's a travesty of what a support   forum should be. I am even considering stopping my monthly direct debit to PUK if this is how they use my hard earned cash; on a sad    example of a forum.

Hi all

I actually contacted ActionFraud about the posts. They are the police team that deal with online fraud and internet crime. It was they who told me that because this deals with passports, it has to go to the UKBA. I have since sent a message to the UKBA to report the issue. 

In any event, it seems that the spam solution we tried previously isn't working. As we've seen, the problem continues. We think that a good way to deal with this temporarily is to roll back to having administrator approvals of new registrations. 

You'll remember we had this on our old forum and we do realise that this means that some people may have to wait a bit before they post for the first time. But, this will be a temporary measure until we find a spam solution that works. 

I'll be working with the web project manager on getting the administrator approvals set up and we hope to have this in place by the end of the day.



Well, a small step in the right direction............admin approval for new members. Why was it ever cast aside??

It worked!!

A  relatively new and expensive forum beset by spammers is just unacceptable. Safe guards should have been built in from inception and not patches now being applied to try to remedy huge holes in the whole set up.

I stand by my previous comments.You have let down the members of this forum. New members might think it OK but those of us who have been here for years, know what a better functioning place the old forum was.

IT, you have much to answer for.Incompetence at the very least.

PUK, you too have much to answer for in the cost of this set up. What a waste of money.