Are supplements helpful

Hi everyone
just wondering if supplements help with symptoms. I have been recommended to take Magnesium L thereate, 400mg B2. 500mg B1. Lions mane mushrooms and alpha lipoic acid. Also high strength Omega fish oil. I would be interested if anyone has tried any of these to leave a comment. Thanks in anticipation.

I take magnesium capsules and they definitely help with cramping in my legs and feet, I also feel more clear-headed and less foggy

Hello all, just wondered if anyone has taken D-Mannose? Our PD nurse has suggested it for my husband who has started to get UTIs. Also suggested getting vitamin D capsules. He takes B12 which are on prescription as he was found to be low in B12 after blood tests. Thanks.

Hello! I have just finished my first course of lion’s mane. I think it helps but with (my) PD is difficult to quantify as my symptoms manifest themselves differently each day.
Verdicf? Not sure. However I am going to start it again. Love to all. Kikki

Multivitamins have recently been proved to be worth taking -