Are these symptoms of PD

I am new to this site and desperatley looking for some help and advice for my mum. My Mum's partner of over 22 years was diagnosed with PD approx 5 years ago and seemed to be doing really well. He began to have odd occasions where he felt dizzy and sick, this would last a few hours and then pass. Last summer these episodes suddenly became more and more frequent, and he is now having episodes of severe dizziness, has rapid eye movements and is violently sick. He is then unable to move for the rest of the day without being sick. This is happening almost ever other day and in between he just sits in the same place all day doing nothing. Could this possibly be related to the PD or something else entirely? He is 77 and had always been really active up until this.
Thank you in anticipation of some help.

Hi JBicker,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I’m sorry to hear about the deteriorating health of your Mother’s partner. We have Parkinson’s nurses on our helpline at 0808 800 0303 who can help you with any queries that you have regarding any Parkinson’s related symptoms.

However, I would definitely recommend you contact his GP if his condition continues to worsen or contact emergency services (999/112).

Do keep us posted on how you get on and please let us know if you have any other questions.

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This sounds much more like an unrelated problem, vestibulitis, which is a problem of the inner ear. This is treatable, so it’s important he goes the doctor, particularly as he was doing so well when this came on. It’s too easy to think that any problem like this is a worsening of PD. Anyone can develop vestibular problems, which can be quite disabling.