Are we to quick to judge?

"Children of today show no respect " or are we too quick to judge?
Let me tell you a story about my good samaritan.
Last night I decided to walk round to my son’s house ,not far but good exercise for me. Halfway on my journey I could tell I wasn’t going to make it, my legs had run out of power! ,and I had left my phone at home.I knew that I wasn’t going to get across the main road at the railway station even though it’s a pelican crossing. As I got closer I got more and more stressed about it making it harder to walk. When I got there I stood to one side of the crossing wondering how I was going to cross. A number of people used the crossing including a vicar, but no one asked if I was OK or if I needed help. Not until a young man of about 10 years of age saw me struggling and asked if I needed help. I told him my problem, straight away he offered to help . He pushed the button for the crossing, the lights changed but I couldn’t move. He had to take some abuse from the drivers who could not understand why we didn’t cross. When you’re ready we’ll try again he said. This time I managed to get across with his help and reassurance. On the other side he asked it I needed any more help , I thanked him and told him I would be OK. After a rest I did manage to complete my journey. I have a few regrets, I didn’t thank him enough, I don’t know his name and can’t tell his parents they have a son to be proud of.


I sincerely hope the parents of this boy get to see that post and i also hope the irritated drivers get to see it too.

Well done young man you’ve managed on your own to change a lot of people’s attitudes toward the young and you and your parents will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are indeed
the embodiment of what a human should be and whatever your future has in store for you .
You will always be the pride of your parents and you of them
May all your pathways be uncompramised .

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Thanks Johnboy
For your post hopefully someone will recognise the boy in your heart warming story .
It’s so different to read an uplifting topic like that even when an awfull lot of people on here are virtually accused of swinging the proverbial by the government departments who should be looking after them because they’ve all paid , some Still are yet they are too proud to take their rights to the limit and are simply ill .
The government people we vote in never have to make up I lunch box in the morning oh no that’s all on us as well as all the other expenses travel etc
Oh I’d better shut up or I’ll go on for hours.
Thanks again for your topic
Hope things go as well as can be expected for you

Hi johnboy
Like you and I have said before on other threads . When I’ve been in trouble 90% of people my age ( 50s ) and older have ignored me
But kids ( NOT ALL ) nowdays seem to have a respectful approach
When ive fallen or struggle crossing a major road most of the time it’s been youngsters than have helped me. I’ve been held and thankful for the help
That boy who helped you knows your gratitude and will grow to be a great man
I sometimes feel I don’t thank others enough but my eyes and a warm hand shake I think show it
Nowadays people don’t help if no monetary rewards are available , but younger teens are different
We should not mis-judge the young
They are not all bad . People my age could take note and learn a lesson from the young
THANK YOU for your story and I wish you better days

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I am lucky to work with children.
Those that I have worked with for the last 30 plus years have always filled me with hope.