Are you paying for prescription charges? Help us to scrap the charge for people with Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s UK is working as part of the Prescription Charges Coalition to end unfair prescription charges for people living with long-term conditions like Parkinson’s. People with conditions including diabetes receive prescriptions for free, and we’re calling for the same for people with Parkinson’s.

We’re currently spreading the word about this campaign and are looking for people living with Parkinson’s who are either struggling to pay the prescription charge and/or do not take all their medication due to the charge.

If you have any experiences regarding the prescription charge that you would be happy to share please get in touch with Lloyd Tingley at [email protected].


If you are 60 years old, or older, your prescriptions are free. If you have more than one prescription per month, you can pay 10.40 pounds for all of them. It’s not unfair.

I suggest you find another battle to fight.


I am fortunate (or not !) I am over 60 so, I get my meds free. But, if there are any petitions, I will be more than happy to sign and get my friends - both fellow twitchers and those without PD to sign.


Reah thank you for posting. This is a sensible suggestion as people with Parkinson’s often have less opportunity than others to earn money.

Thank you for your hard work.


It is a lot of money to pay for those who don’t have much and have to carefully balance their expenditure. I also seems unfair that the proportion of the population who have to pay is not the proportion which has the most lucrative income - indeed they can be struggling.


I think its a good campaign , it is unfair if other long term conditions get free prescriptions so am all for it, w=thanks very much