Are you recently diagnosed and still working?

Have you been diagnosed in the last two years and are still working?

We're looking for two people to be interviewed in the London office for the next phase of our web user research which we've described here:

It would be great to have forum representation on all parts of this exercise.

If you fit these categories, we'd love to hear from you. You'd need to be available to come into the office on Thursday 20 October though there is some flexibility in this. Travel will be reimbursed.

If you're interested or have questions, please contact Alana Mew at [email protected] or 020 7963 9328.
Apologies to all. The email address has now been added back in. :flushed:

I'm suspect that most people still working cannot take a day off, especially with only two days notice.

Is there an online questionnaire ?
or telephone interviews?
would love to have been involved but can't come to London at such short notice.

Could you consider questionnaire's or telephone interviews.
Hi all,
Thanks so much for your interest.

We've had a good response to this and so we won't be needing any further volunteers to come into the office.

We'd still love to hear what you think of our online services (including the forum). There is currently a survey which you can take here:

It helps if we have as many responses as possible. The closing date for responses is 10am on Monday 24 October.

If you have friends or family who you think may be interested in taking part please feel free to share the survey link with them.

To keep up-to-date with these activities, do check the online communities project update thread in the About the Forum section here: