Arguments corner

lets thrash it out.........please keep it clean:smile:

tell us about you feelings?:smile:
Ali, I couldn't write my feelings down here it would take tooooooooooo long but I wish you well with youe new thread.

Radz x
yes I'd love a wee heated discussion, but no tonight because I'm feeling too tired!! (very unusual) so maybe sometime soon!!! what do you think?
Yes I'd love a good verbal punch-up! Anyway, it's all your fault, DON'T YOU SHOUT AT ME, what are you talking about you ignoramous! Are you an idiot, or just an imbecile? Are you a moron, or just a cretin? Can't you see, it's obvious. You just haven't a clue, you retard!

That'll do for about a month.
maybe we brits could have a discusion on say the weather ,ino this is argument corner ,but at end of the day we all like a bantter at the weather forcast :laughing::wink:
Bloody weather! It had better be fine by Thursday for the Firt Test, or it'll have me and Ali to answer to!

Whoops, I meant FIRST !

i agree ray the weather has bin bad here to it rainin at the mo and dark ,gloomy day ,we had all that nice sun for couple weeks i think our summer over now by looks of it ,but im hopin to like u that thrusday britins up for the crickit :smile:me bruv gone back to spain now or he would have his mates round here like he did last week with the footy goin on with some cans and bbq,me poor bungalow:rolling_eyes:as long as now his mate dunna turn up here to keep me company with the crickit:flushed::fearful:
Ray wrote

"Whoops, I meant FIRST ! "

Phew, I thought you meant "fart test". I was wondering what the correlation was between the weather and flatulance :rolling_eyes: