Arm Pain (on raising above shoulder height)


Sorry for the long post.... 

I have seen this has been asked before but the symptoms seem to be slightly different, the post I read the PWP it was the non affected arm that had the pain.

In my case my right arm doesn't swing as it should although at last neuro appointment it was slightly better however, for the last month or so I have been getting a really bad pain in the upper arm if I try to move it in what I would call the full movement range.

The pain is really bad if I move my arm above shoulder height or try to move it back as if scratching your back. This is making things really difficult as find it really awkward to wash hair in the shower for example or as another example, I have a lamp beside my chair and if I want to turn it of I have to physically stand up to switch it off as just raising the arm an inch or so above the shoulder cause the pain.

I am seeing physio this week regards the ankle pain and real aches and tiredeness when walking so going to mention to them as well when I see them, but just wondered if this was a symptom of the PD?

if it is something I am going to have to get used to? 

If anyone else has had the same issues?

I am on Azilect 1mg, Pramipexole .52mg and waiting to hear on the dose of Levodopa (only just been prescribed but not got script through yet)

What you say about your shoulder pain sounds like frozen shoulder to me.

My mother had symptoms as you said , one day out of the blue she told me that she couldn't lift her arm up to switch on a light or comb her hair, and it caused a lot of pain when she tried to do anything relating to lifting her arm.

I called the Dr in and he didn't say it was PD related but she had to rest it and things did improve. Due to her age then (88yrs) and because she lived alone, she had 3 weeks in a community cottage hospital as the pain and immobility (on top of PD) meant she couldn't cope on her own.

I was recently diagnosed with post traumatic injury frozen shoulder after I slipped on a ladder but held on tight so didn't fall but caused damage to my right shoulder. Pain only when trying to lift my arm - the specialist advised not to lift it and time would sort it out.I was given anti-inflammatories for a while.  I couldn't do anything at the end of the movement range and if I over reached it the pain was excruciating. It is slowly getting better.

The physio should be able to tell you more about your symptoms, or speak to your GP and in the mean time "if it hurts ---don't do it!"

Hope things improve soon.



Hi Sytra

I have exactly the same problem. My GP diagnosed it as a rotor cuff impingement and referred me to a physio. I had several sessions of physiotherapy but they didn't help and it was only when I found a thread about it here ( that I realised it was a PD symptom.

I have this to. It impacts so many things that I try to do, from keeping active to washing and dryng myself, will report back if I find anything at all that helps.


I don't have PD (I supported my mother who did) I was diagnosed with post traumatic injury frozen shoulder - by a specialist shoulder injuries consultant.

My accident was now 9 and a 1/2 months ago and is almost sorted out - but still have some pain with certain movements. I saw the consultant last week and asked him about a link with PD.

He said he was not aware of a link and said that

"many people with PD may have had a shoulder issue - but that didn't imply that the shoulder issue was a symptom or precursor to PD..."  and  "not everyone who has a shoulder issue goes on to develop PD" 

reading this thread and the other one that you mentioned tabbycat (thread 65497) has been a bit worrying - but I asked the question and got his opinion and I guess what will be will be anyway.......


I also had this problem which as a hairdresser was a real pain. (literally)! i had steroid jabs in the left shoulder that did help but after a while it started in the right shoulder and arm and nothing helped, it became more stiff and affected my neck also. Physio made no difference and in the end i had a MUA (manipulation under anaesthetic). iI had to do exercises immediately afterwards with the help of strong painkillers, 6 years on i have approx 80% of movement back though i do the exercises i was given every morning under a warm shower which helps to relax the muscles and i can now swim backstroke again which like a lot of things became impossible. It seems it was the start of Parky though at the time i had no idea until several other symptoms became apparent. My GP is marvellous and is a qualified accupuncturist and every few weeks gives me  treatment in the whole area and both he and i can feel the tight muscles "POP" as he inserts the needles, that and the exercises keeps it more mobile.

Its common to find that PWP's have had frozen should or the   like in the two or three years before dx.  Probably because reduced arm swing is not exercising the joint in the normal way