Arm pain

Hi everyone I've had pd nearly 3 years now but this past few weeks I've been having nerve pain running up my left arm and under my arm pit normally its my right arm I have the problems with,anyone out have the same problem and what do u do about thanks kev :neutral_face:
Hi Kev. I have had exactly the same problem over several weeks. At first my doctor thought it was due to a disagreement between our car and a bus. however it has continued on and off and last week the pain was driving me crazy so I went back to my doctors. After a quick examination he decided it was not connected to Parkinsons but was due to a trapped nerve in the wrist. Apparently you can get a splint to sleep in to help the condition. So now I am watching this I hope this may be of help. Pat
I've had pain in my arm similar to repetitive stress injury but I haven't been doing anything that should lead to rsi. I had a test to see if it was a trapped nerve and it isn't that. My consultant thinks it is unrelated to Parkinsons, but a chiropractor I saw, thought it could be related to my shoulder being stressed(due to Parkinsons). I have been to my GP who gsve me some anti-inflammatory pills, but they haven't done much good. I am planning to return to my GP. I would be interested to know if many others are experiencing something like this.
Hi all,

"Frozen shoulder" is quite often experienced as one of the apparently unrelated problems in the run up to finally being diagnosed with PD. Mine started with a pain in the arm and went on to frozen shoulder about three years before dx.
Morning all, I began to suffer with arm pain - felt like I had been kicked or punched, little movement, so went to see GP and said I had "muscle"ridigity & to go back next week,could'nt wait that long due to the pain & lack of movement so went back within 2 days, said I had a "Frozen shoulder" and thought with other symptons i.e tremor in left hand, stiffness, slowness in doing what I was telling it to do, that I needed to see a Neurologist due to thinking it was early stages of PD, so off we went and yes diagnosed with PD in March 2011. To say this was a huge shock was an understatement, my husband has been fantastic & my two children & friends are always there for me. The frozen shoulder was treated with physio and accupuncture every two weeks & eventually went, but sometimes it aches every now & then so I do my exercises.
If you can find a good Bowen practitioner in your area, they can help with things like this, freeing trapped nerves, unfreezing frozen shoulders, etc. Google Bowen to find out more. I recommend it for good results and if you happen to live in south wales I can recommend an excellent practitioner.
Thanks 1 and all for your ideas ur the best and best wishes :laughing: Kev
Hi, I had a very painful shoulder for months which seemed like a frozen shoulder. I went to the doctor and that was what made her suspect I may have Parkinson's disease. The neurologist confirmed it. (the shaking leg was also a clue!)