Arm tremors

hi, has anyone got any tips or advice dealing with arm tremors. I’m now in my 5th year and developing right arm tremors more frequentlyand left arm occasionally… Been onto my parkinson dr,nurses and basically told no cure as with left leg freezing… hopefully there are techniques people have overcome that will benefit…
many thanks

Hi Ade,

Thanks for reaching out - we know how frustrating tremors can be. I’m sure the community will have suggestions, but I also wanted to share the information we have on our website on managing tremors:

You can also call our free helpline to discuss techniques for managing your tremor. Give us a call on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
James, Moderation Team

What meds are you on?

hi Jane, I’m taking madopar 100/25 x5 a day every 3 hours then ropiqual xl 4mg twice a day morning/afternoon… I do have a dispersible madopar half the strength which I sometimes take first thing in morning… Basically its more the way I’m feeling during times in the day getting through these periods, once it starts I get more frustrated which doesn’t help, my whole body tenses up. I was just seeing if others have techniques they’ve developed? exercises and mind over mater easier said than done some days .

Hi Ade. Sorry for the delay in replying. You are on the same amount of Madopar as me, but I also take pipexus, not ropiqual. Like you I have dispersible Madopar, which I use as and when I need it and I take a Madopar slow release 125 at night.

I have involuntary movements, in my case restless legs, which I find frustrating, particularly on a bad day. I do find that meditating helps a little. What I do is either lie down or sit upright in a chair, close my eyes and then concentrate on relaxing the muscles in my neck, then my shoulders, and so on. down my whole body. It is not a cure, but it does stop the tension getting worse.

The other thing I do when I get involuntary movement, is to give that part of my body something to do by exercising. That can be quite effective.

thanks for your reply, I do try so stop and steady myself at times I know I should try meditation as well as yoga. The slow release 4mg is ropinirole that does help my restless legs, I did think it was too strong and making me more twitchy… but I had to just experiment on times and half or whole tablets … hopefully they’ll be more better days than trying ones ahead .

Hi I know it’s a cop out but I tend to not over stretch with my arm when doing things stops it shaking I do stretch it when I can like when exercising and shamed to say when alone not really hiding it as work and family very supportive just a thought my tremor mild and occasionally

for tremor I use:

Propranolol (beta blocker) 20mg
Amantadine 100mg
Avena Sativa 800 mg (2 capsules)
Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Oyster shell calcium 2 tablets

I take all 5 or the first 2-3 daily to control them (+ of course PD exercises) depending on their severity, which is usually related to my level of fatigue and stress.

Hope that helps