Art and Parkinson

"Parkinson's is a distance race I'm winning" Oscar Burriel

Living is an arduous task, in many cases, there are those who transform this task in art and art is keep their personality, their concerns, their way of thinking and go a step further, adversity and continue their emotional development and transmit.

Exposes the case:
Oscar Burriel: professional photographer editorial, international.
Now retired, the day he entered the Parkinson in her life and was complicated. He says, "I could not write my name."
He contacted a help center, started going to a paint shop and exercises.
His life changed in a positive way.

Today shows the possibilities that life, despite Parkinson.

I leave a link to your Website, dedicated to his race against Parkinson

My involvement is to support my uncle and teacher.
Not only in my profession also in the art of life.
It's a new experience in which we live circumstances and emotions that seem to go back to the origins that led to our friendship.
The excitement and enthusiasm that grips us when we carry out a project exceeds our interior to the professional stage.

Freedom of expression is the best way to assimilate the changes.
Support for those who want to express, is to promote and propel growth.

Sorry I can not properly express your language.
I can understand your publication.
Thanks to the network text translator.
The same system that I use to talk to you.
Such tools allow us to jump the barriers of language and distance.
In this race for a better state.
To our dear friends, on this trip, which is life.

Dion, you are a welcome new member of the forum whether or not your English is fluent.  The text translator is a wonderful tool, indeed; but even more important is the energy we can sense in your writing.  You have a great outlook on life and confidence in turning a potentially sad situation into something new and positive.

Best wishes,


Thanks J.
The alternative is to continue .
Rest. Get up. Help others. Leave to help us ..

Looking Up, discovering a new star or the flight of a bird.
Despite the harsh adversity.

The disease is hard and cruel.
And it has nothing to do with the patient.
Give attention to the disease itself . Then.
We motivate the patient . We foster the creativity of those who bear the brunt .
It is a difficult challenge for patients and social environment .

( " Where are . The days of dancing and fun "
- Make the first move .-
- Let the music take us .-
- And we find out what happens .-)

It's difficult. Happiness is never easy, but it's close . - Where? -
In the same place as the other. In the emotional state. ( I think ).

Happy New Year
Affections : Dion

HI Dion

You express your self beautifully.

I have so much to say but cannot express myself at the right time.The only way I am comfortable  with expression is through my watercolours. The PD cannot take away my movement of pencil or brush. The joy of a finished watercolour of my Granddaughter or a Peak District sunset does not require a great deal of dopamine to make me smile.



Hi Rob

I'm happy, the reason is her message.

Look Peak District. And I found images depicting the most pleasant face of our planet. 
I thought of my grandchildren .
And the chemistry of my body was put into operation .
Allowing me to capture in full this morning. In late winter.

Real mind I think , chemical produced by the body .
In reaction to the positive motivation .
It is the best complement to treatment support .
I personally do not have Parkinson's (yet) if my uncle .

We share certain other types of adversities .
Just so long to see the other side of the planet , which is human responsibility.
When I see that I feel, it is interpreted by others, saying , 
" Life mutual empathy."

Greetings: Dion