Article in today's Daily Mail

There is an article in today’s Daily Mail Good Health that I wanted to bring your attention to:

The article gives a balanced view on impulsive and compulsive behaviour, using the case studies of two women. It includes information on the support available from Parkinson’s UK that I provided.

It also discusses innovative research from King’s College which suggests that using a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a caseworker to monitor behaviour and traditional psychiatric treatment can be effective.

Though it is a real shame that the title of the article does not reflect the substance, it’s worth taking a read.

We hope that this will start to raise the awareness of impulsive and compulsive behaviour among the general public.

Hi again all,

I just wanted to update you that the Daily Mail has changed the title of the article so it better reflects the issues discussed.

This is good news.

Best regards,
ithought the article failed to give a realistic view of the problem.
it minimised the number of sufferers and in the main told the story of a person who painted compulsively.
This compulsion comes very low on the list of destructive obsessions,which are mainly gambling and hypersexuality.
There was no mention of the terrible strain put upon relationships and the huge financial losses suffered by so many.
I hardly think the general public are now aware of the scale and depth of the horrors involved in the DA/OCD nightmare.
I completely agree Golden Girl. Even my best friend, who was there to support me during the years of my husband's awful behaviour while on DA's, couldn't believe that they did not take the opportunity to convey how dreadful the effects of these drugs can be. If my husband had been painting for 12 hours a day it would have been a doddle compared to what I went through. I don't want to belittle what this lady has been through but painting for 12 hours a day compared with your husband gambling your money away and going with prositutues among other things due to hypersexuality seems quite tame to me.
It is good to see at least some publicity for the side effects of DA meds. I too was initially a little disappointed that the article wasn't pitched more aggressively. It is important not to belittle the experience of either of the people brave enough to be profiled. I don't know if they come here - but I would like to thank them for their courage.

Obsessive painting or obsessively buying teapots may sound less offensive than obsessively buying sex but I think the key word is 'obsessive'. I have some experience here and I count myself indebted to some posters here (GG & RoS included) and a couple of research assistants for bringing me to my senses.

Coming back to the article in question - it says that the first lady profiled had seperated from her husband because of the obsessive pursuit of an apparently harmless hobby. I hope that is hard enough hitting and avoids the tendency to think that DA obsession won't damage 'nice' people. Nothing is so good that its still fun when you can't stop.

I was a little disappointed that the article didn't give the PUK web address.