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I can upload things more easily now and I'm sure there are other improvements to the forum that I'll find as I use it more often, but I was hoping for some accessibly options aimed at supporting people with Parkinson's in using the forum (poor dexterity, shaking hands and an inability to touch what I aim for makes me want to fling my smart phone through the window). Are there options that I haven't found? Also, I have no idea what or who the badges are for or the significance of the level I am assigned in terms of using the forum. Strangely, they are stressing me and so I'm curious..
Apologies if I'm being really dozy and have just missed this information.
Thank you,


Ok, I also keep hitting things in menus that I don't understand and then end up somewhere I didn't intend to be.
Trying to add a comment is a bit like an obstacle course - arghhhhh


I do not like the new look. I could previously log in to all with user name & password - still works for P UK but I needed to choose a new sign in for forum. Now I have to use email and another password for forum. All takes longer. Also I can’t find “my messages” ? I previously sent enquiry asking about this but heard nothing. I still have trouble checking if I have a new msg - very annoying


Hi Kas,

Sorry to hear that you've experiencing issues with the forum.

Just to clarify, you should be able to log into the forum with the same email/username that you had previously but you have to reset your password when you use the new forum for the first time. With regard to your messages, if you click your profile picture on the top right hand corner of your screen, the envelop symbol should appear and this is where you'll be able to view all your messages.

I have attached an image for your attention, however, please let me know if you need me to explain this further or if you have any other questions.

Many thanks,