Ask your MP to Ditch Disability Cuts


For people who are too ill to work, like some with Parkinson's, disability benefits help pay for food, bills and medicine. Now the Government is threatening to cut these benefits by a third - or £1500 per year.

Read more and and take action to stop these cuts by emailing your MP:




Sadly, however, my MP is Michael Fallon (defence secretary), who has all the compassion of a lump of rock.



I emailed my mp

Although i cant call her mp because she strongly openly supports cuts too benefits therefore she doesn't represent myself or anyone else who is disabled in her constituency I wish i could email a neighbouring mp although they also wouldn't support not only because i don't live in their constituency but also because they are following the same party line of Cuts, they were happy too take a 11% pay rise rather than give it too charity.

All i got from emailing the Mp was automated reply saying she doesn't support or take part in such things or debates and that if i did anything with the email it would disappear, i also contacted her via her facebook page  but she deletes any comments i made, Our mps serve themselves and have forgot they are there too serve the people.



Which is why we need a change of government - preferably before Cameron spends £10 million of our money on a plane to jet about in.



I don't believe it

I had a written reply from my Mp this morning.

In her letter she says her Grandfather had Parkinsons, so she says i understand the effect the condition has on People and then about how people are placed into either esa group and that the decision  is open too appeal.

she goes onto say from feb 2015 2600 had been assessed for esa and 2400 of those were in the support group and that she recognises due too the nature of the illness an individuals condition deteriorates and on that basis they may then be moved from the wrag too support group.

but for those in wrag new claimants will be the same rate as job seekers.

I'm not sure if that is a admittance of support for People with Parkinsons that they should be placed within the support group given that a large % already are from her figures but doesn't really answer the 30% or £1500 loss other than they can appeal.




Hi sea angler,

I've passed your question on to our Campaigns team who will be able to tell us more and will let you know when I have more info.

Thank you,


Hi Tabbycat and Sea Angler, Thank you both so much for writing to your MPs. I know it can feel hopeless but the more that MPs here from the constituents that this is a serious issue the more worried they will come. Keeping up the pressure lets them know they can't just quietly get away with these changes. Sea Angler the statistics that she quotes are correct for a very specific date in February however when looked at over time almost a third of people with Parkinson’s are placed in this Work related activity group. My colleague is out of the office at the moment but I could get you more specific stats if you would like them when they are back. If you would like to reply to your MP I have another email you can send with more in-depth information. If you would like this email do contact me at [email protected] Thanks again, Eorann



Thank you for getting back to me Eorann.

I don't think she will or would reply to another email from myself.

In the last few months in her constituency 2 small hospitals have or are set too close, and then I read just the other day that the county council (her constituency district council is yet too announce theirs) is making 72 million in cuts including to 'adult care' i asked her what she thought about that after she had stated 'no cuts too nhs in england' she deleted it within a few mins, i asked why she deleted it and it was her job too serve constituents comments and concerns, she deleted that also.

I'll assume i only got the letter as she didn't want to be seen or known as not serving her constituents, thank you for looking into the figures. i thought hers might be too good to be true.





Response from my MP:

Thank you for contacting me regarding your concerns about the Government’s Welfare Reform and Work Bill.

The Government is committed to addressing the perverse incentive whereby Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants in the Work-related Activity Group (WRAG) receive more money than claimants of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) but do not receive similar support to find suitable employment.  Aligning ESA rates for those in the WRAG with JSA and providing additional support will help those in the WRAG to make the transition to employment if and when they are ready to do so.

As you note, it is important that the most vulnerable are protected by the benefits system.  I welcome the fact that the extra financial support provided by ESA for those in the Support Group, who are unable to work, will continue to increase.

You may be interested to know that the most recent figures, released in September, show that 85 percent of ESA claimants with Parkinson’s Disease were in the Support Group.  With a further 7.5 percent in the assessment phase, only 200 people with Parkinson’s were in the WRAG.  It is also important to note that this change will only affect new claims after April 2017.  Current claimants will be unaffected.

I hope this reassures you but if you have any further concerns, on this or any other subject, please do not hesitate to contact me again.


Perverse incentive? mad



I had hoped Puk would of replied too this today being budget day when the 12 billion in cuts still remains and with the U turn in tax credits how exactly will the 12 billion fall. I have heard nothing but tax credits in the hours since as if it's done something wonderful , its giving me  a head ache. other words have been banded about in the budget, help for those that need it, security..

we all need help and we all need security we are vulnerable even if we think we are not.

None of us choose too have Parkinsons,or be disabled or be less abled it's not a life style i find it insulting that the government chooses to use the word 'perverse' to band it with disability, peverse is a 11% payrise when pushing a 30% cut in money that the most vulnerable & poorest in this country rely on to exist not live.

is it easier too find a job even if your not able too if you cut someone's money? what incentive is that?. what support is that?, No consideration that the disabled require more help than a abled person, it is no support too say 'if and when' if you have a degenerative illness it is just a further push into further poverty and a widening gap of how out of touch the Government is.

7.5 % In the assessment phase?, i sat in the assessment phase for nrly a year until i was diagnosed  I went without because i didn't know what the future would be, would i be rejected as fit for work? but unable too work, i was assessed 6 days later and then placed in the Support group, what Support have i had ?? None!! I am un able too work No one has asked 'what support do i need?, and I am un able too enjoy life what there is of it, because i know that any Point i could LOOSE that Security.