Ask yourself: But why do I think that""

My Parkinson’s tiredness will make me faint if I push myself and go out into town. This means I’m out of control and open to be flooded by Parkinson’s.

“But why do I think that?”

Tiredness is different to fainting; the causal link between them is not necessary since tiredness is a feeling and fainting is a loss of feeling. Therefore, tiredness is not an indication of losing control and the rise of Parkinson’s within me.

Thinking always has a counterpoint and an openness to allow alternative thoughts; there is one more thought to think. Negative thoughts always have a positive opposite. Negative thoughts need to be challenged; a dialogue has to be opened with yourself. Just because you think something doesn’t make it true. Ask yourself, why am I thinking this? Am I justified in believing this? Should I surrender to the thought? Why do I think that?

dr jonny
Excellent advice that I live by but reminding & refreshing always useful