Assistance dogs


I had a really bad turn a a bus stop WhWhn I came to there was this really goreous dog standing by me. It turned out to be an off duty assistance dog that had picked up I was unwell and came to stand guard and help keep me calm. They are such amazing creatures 


Aw, that's lovely!

Perhaps you could qualify for one if you keep getting bad turns.


Aye aye porthos

dogs are amazing animals and very smart what breed of dog was it do you know ? I have a golden retriever he's just a pet 15 years old and one of the family our sons named him dude 



Hi Ian

I tink itwas a glden retriever. A lot fluffier than a Labrador. 

Would love a dog but we tend to have small furries and my son says no way in case they get tempted. Instinct taking over and confusing them to what is lunch!

Probably because I would go for a Scottie or westie and they were initially small furry hunters.

We went for a walk in a local wood today and met a few happy dogs on their walks. Am really tired now.



Aye aye porthos

aye it would have been a retriever they are smashing dogs , I think your sons right for you not to get one as they are a big commitment and need a lot of walks , and you see how tired it makes you sleep well  zzzzzzz



big grin