At 3am, uk clocks go back to 2am

Ok, who forgot!

just to say , somethings gone a bit crazy with the postings which are not coming out in the right place ! ? something to do with change of hour , maybe it'll right itself at 3 am . See you all 2 morrow :smile:
i forgot i was up ready washed dressed to got to morrisons waitin for me lift and i came on appy whist waitin and got told ,grrrrr how doppy am i,:rolling_eyes: i thought u do it tonite:smile:
Hate to be pernickety :rolling_eyes:, but the change should have been made at 2 am BST, which should then have become 1 am:

"The time at which summer time begins and ends is given in the relevant EU Directive and UK Statutory Instrument as 1 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). In practice*, in the UK, summer time starts when 00:59:59 UTC is followed by 02:00:00 BST (British Summer Time) and it ends when 01:59:59 BST (when it occurs for the first of two times separated by one hour) is followed by 01:00:00 UTC."
Quoted from NPL
Thanks, that makes a huge difference. :laughing:

Apologies for merely trying to help by passing on what the BBC said. :rolling_eyes:

Hi Ray,
I was hoping people would spot the tongue in my cheek and the twinkle in my eye when I posted about the clocks going back!
We did! :laughing:
Its actually 1 parasecond after 2am that the clocks go back to 1am + 1 parasecond.

I don't think this should apply to pwp's. I'm still going round changing bleeding clocks.

Also stop putting a clock in things that doesn't need a bleeding clock.

The cooker and the microwave dont need clocks, they just need timers. The kitchen clock tells the time.

All this because kids in Inverness would go to school in the dark instead of walking home in the dark.