At last peacefull sleep

big grinHello, I finally seem to have achieved the fine balance between Ddopa, Madopar capsules, slow release and standard or normal release.  It does mean late nights 12.30 1.ooam but the last four nights have been good with only mild dreams and at least six or seven hrs solid sound sleep. When the Ddopa pump is removed and flushed, the residual MDPar is pushed into my system, this gives a mild boost, this takes place at about 11.00 pm  at 1030 pm I have taken two 1.25mg  Madopar  then comes the final  piece of the jigsaw  one 1.1.25mg slow release , and that complicated but seemingly effective I take the slow release at 12.30 or 1.00 1.30 and up to now it seems to be working ok I am sleeping much better, I have no doubt PD will not like it , old Fed getting the better of it,  but    YAH BOO SUCKS its about time I had the upper hand and at last I can say UP YOURS BLACKHEART,  whilst keeping my head down of course.

                                             Kindest Regards to all        Fedbig grin

glad to hear you are finally feeling better Fed and you have found the right balance of medication for you big grin

Thankyou Shelly, I was wondering, I cant figure out how to post pictures on the Forum you appear to have no problems, if I E mail them to you could you do it for me,dont worry I will only send about two or three a year I would be much obliged, either that or tell me how to do itquestion mark.

                                           Kindest Regards          Fedeye roll

Yes sure Fed  send them

Thanks  a lot Shelly, you shall have one of my efforts today, I would appreciate any opinions, as its a while since I took any, I suddenly have this urge to photograph things, anything at all, I want to capture  images  before I forget how to.  Thanks  again Shell.big grincool sunglasses on as its a luvleee  SUNEEEEY DAY here in historic Northumberland  ,,,,,sorry could not resist being silly there.                                                                        w                                                     Bestist Regards Shel                     Fed

big grinMorning Shelly, I sent one pic to you but my laptop spat it out, will try again should recieve shortly.

                               Thankyou Shell

Ok Fed

i will look out for it

  Good Moaning Shell

  I have tried to send pics , one of my Namesake a FEDEX -777 F  has it touched down with you, also you know I mentioned that I was sleeping much better,well strike that, last night they returned with avengence and I woke up screaming and was in a state of shock for a while, I thought it was too good to be true.

                                                Best wishes Shell                       Sore Head Fed

No Fed your picture has not landed with me frowni was talking to my mum today she has parkinsons to  she takes Sinemet and Sinemet cr and she has said that she is suffering with dreams and hallucinations she said the light switch moves up and down the wall eeki think her problem is she goes to bed really early around 7pm and she wakes up at 10pm to take the cr tablet and it is usually after she has taken the 10pm tablet that the light switch starts moving , i have suggested she talks to her parkinsons nurse about the timing of her medication . had a few dreams myself lately i actually woke myself up a few nights ago shouting that i was defending myself from what or who i have no idea confused

Waking yourself up shouting is bad enough, but I also wake up the o/h. Worse - last night the cat, too, who then spent the rest of the night sleeping on my head (no, it wasn't a hallucination).


well i sleep alone the only person i wake up is myself ,neutral

Hello youse

                       I know thats not korect  grammer, but  hey you only live twysse,,sleep patterns back to their worst,, you justcant win. also I think I may have the incorrect e mail for you shel could you resend and I will try again ta                               

                                              Kindest Regards        Fed

Hello Fed

i have sent a private message to you with my correct email


                     Recieved Shelly, and many thanks will send tommorow as have splitting  HEEDAKE

                                                    Night  Night           Fed

ok night Fed


     I too have been forced to sleep alone Shel, the night terrors often cause me to attack anyone within reach and of course thats my dear wife, she has the bruises to show for it, it is affecting our marriage, not terminally you understand but passion is non existant we used to be so good in the sack I dont like talking in this way but I feel everyone should know of what possibly may lie ahead what makes it even more sad is for a short while after we acted upon your advice , buying sex toys, she even dragged me kicking and screaming to a very large sex warehouse in Newcastle , once inside this Emporium to the  Godess  SEX, my curiosity overcame my shyness and as beloved was most taken by the articles on display I bought some very erotic underwear, this delighted my wife and we both acted like crazy teenagers and purchased Items which I cannot mention here, in fact some may not be legal(joke),  so we turned the clock back35 yrs and were really having fun, then the terrors returned, they destroyed in two successive nights all the gains we had made, and now she is frightened to sleep with me in case I attack her again,BLACKHEART knows exactly where to hit and cause the most damage Shel. 

                                  We are going to try something totally outrageous and are determined to put the sparks back into our relationship,,watch this space.

                                          Will send pic soon               Bestist of best wishes.  Fedbig grinevilcool