At last, sleep+mobility



       Hello, after much trial and error, I seem to have cracked the problem of sleep and paralysis, my Nurse Consultant, called yesterday on another matter but brought with her a box of seratonin pills, seratonin calms the brain and have to tell you it seems to work,I was only up once to the loo I  increased my slow release to  two 1.25mg on going to bed and two more at 400am, this maintains  mobility and the Stonin calms me down result almost dream free FED, good eh. I know everyone is different but Seratonin is totally benign with no side effects, so there is no harm in trying it if you are having night terrors.

                                                  Regards FED                                 



Hi Fed 

Glad to hear your feeling better and have sorted your sleeping probs out

you sounded awful in your post the other day and it's good to see you more coherent and relaxed.

not been on here much recently as busy with work and don't get much time for much else  .

anyway live well   Cc



Thankyou, Cc, and its so far so good,I do hope It continues.

                              Kindest Regards   FED


great news



   Thank you Turnip, it worked again last night its probably the first time in the last 10yrs I have had two nights in a row dream free.

                                     Kind Regards       FED


I  must see if I can get that. AT present take 2 amitriptyline at night plus  clonazepam as well as controlled release madopar and usuaully get some sleep but weird dreams and much waking up.


My wife who has parkies has weird dreams they dont wake her up,they wake me up !!!!!



    Hello Cc  Turnip Bovril and young Billy, eye mushed offer sincere apple ogies, I have misathroped you my friends I had my thick as a plank head on when my lovely young gorgeous, oh dear hang on a     ??????????-minute,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats better I just nipped into the shower, SET TO ABSOLUTE ZERO ,sorry but she is very distracting, as I was saying I have given you the wrong tonin, its MELATONIN,not SERATONIN my beloved has only 10 mins ago informed me of my  nissteak, no!,, mistake, so once again Im in the doghouse, she does go on and on and on and on on on on if I make any kind of mistake especially about my meds, and  I cant retaliate as I depend on my Lady totally, and I quote,,,," you might have poisoned your friends how could you be  so stupid , what if you have killed someone you will get a good telling off I can tell you" you see the way this is going dont you, there are times when I allow my beautiful wife to ramble on and I say   nowt, but I had to educate her as to the potency of the drug ,which is called CIRCADIN by the way , you would have to swallow ten boxfulls of the stuff and all you would end up with   would be a thumping headache but dont try this at home PLEASE as I dont want another bo?????g , we are going to our favourite Cave,, no no CAIFE bugger CAFE, in 5 mins so I will fire up MOBI , its her first outing since I installed the V6 2.9 diesel from a written off VW PASSAT, so my next post to youse will either be from Casualty or a cell in the local constabularrrry,will  let you know how it goes .


           ! yes yes yes Im coming now my little Velocearaptor ,( you have to laugh or youll cry)

                                         YOUR PAL FED

 either be



Thanks Fed.


that does make more sense. the sunstatia nigra by the way gets its characteristic black colouring from melatonin. when you have pd it loses its black colouring. i'm sure this is all very important but ******* if i know why.  it may be neuroprotective too!







  Sorry for misleading info, and as if to pour scorn on my breakthrough last night was hell on earth, dreams only last 5 or 10,, mins  but how about the same dream for 5hrs absolute horror, and I couldnt wake myself up its early days yet so I will press on with the drug until I have completed the course then I will have a better idea as to its usefullness, though knowing my luck .On a happier note the two adjustable chairs arrived and without doubt are the best buy  ever, so comfy, also we bought 1 and got the other for less than  half  price, highly recommended.

                                                   Kind est  Regards        FEDcool


thats awful. the dreams not the chairs.