At long last

Well after six months I've heard from the dvla.........I'm keeping my licences,that being 1 year om my hgv and 3 years on my car to say I'm chuffed is an understatement.
Unfortunately my boss doesn't want me driving hgvs which has pi#*ed me off a bit as I love driving but it's his choice I'll stick to driving a transit and then spend 4 hours a day groundskeeping.

Congratulations!!! As it is something I deal with at work myself, I can confirm that 6 months is not that unusual...bad, isn't don't take it personally. You are also very lucky to keep the HGV - usually that could well have been taken off. Keep very quiet!!! Despite the frustration of the work bit, I'd celebrate.
:-))))) Dinky

Congrats, that is good positive news, I posted my form off yesterday, hope I don`t have to wait 6 months!!


Hello Slippy, first I am delighted you have secured your licence, you would have missed driving. I surrendered my licence voluntarily about 6 years ago but now I am in a situation where I want to recover my licence, my consultant has referred me
to a assessement centre and will ok my application if I pass the test, but I need
my licence to drive on the road to take part in the test, the DVLA also wants a successful result at the centre plus the OK from my consultant before they will
issue my new licence so what do I do, I am going round in circles, can you suggest a way of cutting through the red tape.
Kindest Regards fedex:sunglasses:

I got notification that my licence has expired and a new 3 year licence will be issued. 1 less thing to worry about. Well, for 3 years anyway :rolling_eyes:
Took about 4 months from GP medical to notification.

havent notified dvla yet concerned because need to drive to get to work - no licence = no job = no house ........can they take my licence away?

It is a legal requirement to inform DVLA about a PD dx and your insurance company. My neuro was contacted by the DVLA and presumably told them I was fine to drive and I'm now issued with a 3 year licence since last week. SO do make contact asap Moon and Stars. It was all pretty straightforward.