At risk of repeating

I know I have mentioned this before, but please try to remember to drink more fluid now that our nearest star has been allowed to shine upon us,,I forgot and
lost the plot, but I am a bit of a clot not like you lot I started to feel odd on Tuesday and as I became more and more dehydrated I became Irrational bad tempered
and out of sorts, it was some time before it dawned on old thicko that the only drink I had that day was at 7.45 am one cup of tea,, it was 4.45when I had my next
a pint of Drench which is my preferred thirst quencher. Im a IDIOT but there is no need for you to be in the same boat I don't like boats any way I tend to drown when immersed in that clear watery stuff that they travel through so I avoid them,we may be found in the same Aircraft however as I love flying, so you never know.
I continue to give Insider information to expand the knowledge of student medical
staff at NTGH I really do enjoy the question and answer sessions with these Intelligent young people who I am glad to say show much interest and inquisitivity
" Is that a word " it would be a 10 word in scrabble.
My Grandson asked me the other day "Grandad where did my Intelligence come from, I said "It must have been your Gran as Ive still got mine"
Well its 1.50am so im off, Kindest Regards to you all
absolutely, the number of times i've thought i needed extra pills and all that was needed was a drink of water! but have you ever been told that by a neuro? there seems to be some important things that only us 'users' are aware of.
hope you are ok now
i got into a bad way this week with a dose of norovirus which meant i 'lost' the tabs i had taken and i found out what life would be like without meds. would have scared the **** out of me if the norovirus hadn't already taken care of that.
Hello Turnip, I hope you are feeling better now, I know that the Norovirus can be very dangerous , my Daughter Jen is part of a deep clean team and visits many Hospitals in Northumberland deep cleaning , this is a total full on obliteration of any bugs suspected in any part of any Hospital. In some cases the wards are sealed and completely fumigated , she enjoys the work and is always kept busy, I wish she would find a different employ as these bugs are constantly evolving and
mutating and she is on the front line. I think that's how humans will die out, we will lose the race to stay ahead of the bugs, we have interfered with our bodies natural defences for too long and rely on Penny Sillin and Stereo Oids ,hence when the next Super Bug arrives , which it will ,only a few highly resistant individuals will be left of which I hope I am not one,I hope I have cheered you all up.
Kindest Regards fedex:rolling_eyes: