I have just spent some time creating a post and it went off I NO NOT WHERE so thats that.

 MERRY CHRISTMAS                  fed


A toast to your post, missing or not. It's the thought that counts.

Season's greetings to you too, fed. May your struggles be lighter in the new year.



Merry Christmas to you both and everyone on the forum. Hope you all have a happy day with your loved ones



    Thank you samdog and semele, sem you are taking a risk posting next to sam, I hope theres a decent sized tree nearby ,a escape route just in case, I had a GERMAN SHEP  when I was 16 , his name was King, had him from a pup, we also were the preferred residence of Tommy, a100% black  cat, though I had my doubts about him,  all the other dogs and cats in the street mysteriously dissapeared , but I was when he started bringing in dead sheep?? I digress Im always digressing, as I was about to say King was so petrified of Tom he used to run up trees, I dont know why as tom would easily overtake him and sat waiting to pounce and  give him a kicking, alas Tom died , of flu, he flu under a bus, I know I know, Ill  get  me coat.

The main reason I am sitting here at 12.10 on christmas morn is to wish all  of you a fantastic christmas and new year , I hope with all my hopeness that you will all find the right drugs to improve your lives and give you back at least some of the things that BLACKHEART has taken, I would also like to toast the lovely folks who run this Forum  and thank them for keeping us all in order ,so thank you all I know this forum has been the epicentre of a criss  crossing of info and wisdom which has helped many stay sane. myself included.

                          I wish you all the bestist of besthappyalong with a vast multitude of

                                                                Kindest Regards               Fed

Merrry christmas everyone x

Merry Christmas, fed! Nice sentiments well expressed.

Wishing all here a merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great day! Dr j