Atos medical

Husband had his ATOS medical today, been off work 11 months due to him requiring two new hips and then having a heart atack and then having a stent fitted, meaning hip ops delayed.

He filled in the questionair and also sent in a run down of tests and results of all diganosis (where, when, who by).

Dr at medical was very appreciative of all the extra paperwork he had sent in, said it made her job easier as she could read up about him before he arrived.

She said some people did not take anything in with them and she found it hard to get any info out of them, the more info she has the easier her job and quicker she can get the medical done.

She said everyone is to have medicals who are receiving any benefit from DWP, new government rules.

So husband is going to compile a file about me in case I end up there. Be prepared.

When filling in the forms always go on worst case senario e.g. Can you pick things up but did not say from floor or table, so husband took it as floor. You fill forms in about your worst day not how you feel on the day you fill it in. Also take in any new evidence, drs letters, etc received after the date you filled in form.

Hope this helps you

Hi there

This can indeed be a difficult area and it leads to confusion as to how to complete benefit forms and medical questionnaires. Anyone claiming any benefits where health/disability are relevant issues, must provide full, accurate, information. This would include information about any fluctuations in their symptoms, with details of how things are at the better times, as well as at the worst times. Claimants also have an ongoing duty to notify relevant benefits offices immediately of changes in circumstances. The consequences of failing to provide full, true, up-to-date, information, are serious, and could include benefits being stopped, repayment of benefits payments, and/or prosecution.

It is essential to bear this in mind. Please feel free to call our benefits advisor on 0808 800 0303 (free phone) for more advice.


Hi Luis

If we took your advice and reported every fluctuation of our symptoms, we'd be forever filling out forms. At the end of the day, the DWP should realise that PD is aDEGENERATIVE condition. Its not going to go away or get any better.

We are just cannon fodder for the Tories. I suppose I gave up my 40K job five years ago because I was such a lazy b*****d? I managed to work on from first symptoms to retirement for 12 years! Still not good enough apparently!

Hmmmm.....I wonder what they have in store for me?

Perhaps a Coronation day flag makers job is available? :fearful::fearful:

Hi Pokermid

You are absolutely right - Parkinson's, like many other chronic conditions, fluctuates and progresses and the DWP is very bad at accessing these conditions or making it straight-forward for those affected to complete forms, and so on. This is something our policy team is constantly battling to highlight to the DWP and government.

My post was simply to state that there is a risk of losing benefits at a later date when solely noting what you are like on your worse day as it can lead to accusastions of fraud and would be considered innacurate and, therefore, illegal. Giving an overall picture and highlighting 'OK' times AND worse times is what is required by law so I think it's important that we point that out.