Atre Morine

Has anyone actually tried this ?


I cant help feeling a bit cynical about this. 




It sounds too good to be true.


I think it is!

It is a food supplement.....nowhere can I find what exactly is in it, the clinical trials are unconventional and it is £95 for one bottle!

I would need a lot more information from a reliable source before spending money on it.



Just done some more seems it is just liquified broad beans.

You can buy loads for £95.... Just eat them!


Hey all, 

AtreMorine is a supplement made from broad beans (Vicia faba). Broad beans can provide a natural source of levodopa, the chemical building-block that your body converts into dopamine and the 'active ingredient' found in conventional Parkinson's medications.

Essentially, natural sources of levodopa, such as AtreMorine work in the same way as conventional Parkinson’s medications, which work to replace dopamine and help ease symptoms. However unlike with Parkinson’s medications which are of known doses, it’s hard to control the amount of levodopa you receive with natural sources.

We would encourage anyone with Parkinson’s who is thinking about trying supplements to speak to their specialist or Parkinson’s nurse. We also urge people to be cautious when buying supplements over the internet and be aware that they are not subjected to the same careful safety testing and monitoring as approved medical treatments.


Hope this sheds some light on the topic :-)