Atremoplus, any thoughts?

A friend has just recommended Atremoplus for my Parkinson’s. I am prepared to give anything a try if I thought it might help. It is quite expensive working out at over £200 per month. Has anyone actually tried the product and if so what has your experience been? The website naturally gives it a glowing reference.
but I am wondering if it is all too good to be true. I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanking you in anticipation,

I would love to know if anyone has tried it as you say their website gives glowing reviews but I wonder like you if it’s worth it

AtremoPlus has been a god send for me. I have been using it for over 2 years and I couldn’t live with out it. I still take the recommended dose of L/C which in my case is 100/25mg 3 times a day, but my dose has not needed to be increased and this product helps L/C be more effective somehow.
The only problem is that it is expensive.

My elderly father who had severe hand tremors took this product for nearly 2 years. It worked wonders. He was able to write and hold things quite steadily which he was not able to do before. It really did work.