Does anyone have any experience with AtremoPlus They make some impressive claims. However its 300 euros for a months supply. Is it another snake oil?

I had never heard of it before but would want to know how the product crosses the Blood Brain Barrier or the standard of any trials before paying big money.

Hi, I have just come across AtremoPlus on Facebook, read the reviews and thought I would check on the Forum. I expected there would be lot’s of comments based on their testimonials? Has no one tried it?

Also looking for any knowledge on this or - living better Parkinsons - who appear to be promoting it.

I have been using it for about 9 months now. I ditched Madopa as that only gave me partial tremor relief, made me feel sick and highlighted problems with skin cancer of which I was unaware. AtremoPlus gives me slightly better tremor relief and no nasty side effects. You have to take it with yoghurt, not water. I take 10gm in the morning and another 10 mid afternoon. Yes, it is expensive but the science behind it is sound. It is derived from the Fava bean. And seems to be a more refined alternative to Mucuna Pruriens which I also took in similar powder form as Zandopa. Hope this helps. JCPB

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I’ve been using it for three days now, and and the effect on me is very similar to a 100mg dose of madopar, I am testing a month of it to see if it helps. So far yes, it levels out my on/off periods. Seems to last longer. Nature really is a wonderful resource. As it’s effectively freeze dryed broad beans.