Has anyone heard of AtreMorine.

Saw an article on Facebook suggesting that this might offer a breakthrough and was from a site called

Finally: Parkinson disease: Spanish research team found two major keys of the neuroprotection and natural increase of dopamine

Seems too good to be true so it probably isnt



I saw the same article and am sceptical 

the drug is made from broad beans

Here's a link to the scientific paper:


I'm actually quite encouraged by this news. For centuries, they have used a type of broad bean, in India, for treating Parkinson's. It's called Mucuna Pruriens and contains natural Levodopa. The whole plant is used and there are no known side effects, unlike the synthetic version.

I did a 6 month experiment using this bean, (tried capsules, tablets & powder form) and got good results, but because it's not regulated over here, I didn't know how much to take and eventually succumbed to taking Madopar instead. Sometimes, I add Mucuna Pruriens into my daily regime, instead of using an extra Madopar pill. I find the powdered version works best. My neurologist said that eating lots of broad beans could help symptoms as well. I'd prefer to take a natural form of Levodopa, any day. God knows what all these other drugs are doing to our organs and bodies!!

Just thought I'd share my thoughts.   Twinks..

I too am sceptical of any natural remedy that make such claims.  It is not cheap but if it works, it would be worth it.  Has anybody tried it?  Until I hear from one of the reputable PD websites, such as this site, for example,  or the MJFox Foundation that atramorine is a breakthrough,  I will take a "sit and wait approach to yet another natural remedy.  The only such remedy that I have tried is mucuna puriens but unfortunately, it wasn't helpful but at least it was used semi-successfully before the L-Dopa break through.  L-dopa is  much better for controlling the symptoms of PD.

Hi all, 

AtreMorine is a supplement made from broad beans (Vicia faba). Broad beans can provide a natural source of levodopa, the chemical building-block that your body converts into dopamine and the 'active ingredient' found in some conventional Parkinson's medications.

Essentially, natural sources of levodopa, such as AtreMorine work in the same way as Parkinson’s medications, which work to replace dopamine and help ease symptoms. However unlike with Parkinson’s medications which are of known doses, it’s hard to control the amount of levodopa you receive with natural sources.

We would encourage anyone with Parkinson’s who is thinking about trying supplements to speak to their specialist or Parkinson’s nurse. We also urge people to be cautious when buying supplements over the internet and be aware that they are not subjected to the same careful safety testing and monitoring as approved medical treatments.

At the moment, there is no treatment available that is able to slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. Our new research strategy strives to bring new and better treatments to people with the condition and we are funding many projects looking into treatments that could potentially stop, slow or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. You can find out more information about our research here.

Best Wishes, 

The Research team 


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Found this - gives more stats on the research but I don't know the provenance/reliability of this "Scitcentral" website;

I follow a treatment called Amino Acid Therapy or AAT for short. It is based on Mucuna Pruriens 40% which is available on the open market. How I came to be using Mucuna is as follows.

Back in July 2015, my neurologist increased my Stavelo from 4 x 50 mg levodopa to 2 x 50 mg and 2 x 100 mg per day and my symptoms got worse. After a few weeks, I decided to cut my dosage back to 3 x 50 mg and 1 x 100 mg per day and my symptoms got slightly better. At this point in time, my balance was shot so I was using a walking stick, I had the Parkinsons wooden face mask, the wooden arm when I walked, feet freezing in position, shaking like there was no tomorrow. In short I was in a mess and beginning to think about wheelchairs and how to adapt the house for a wheelchair. I had to stop my hobby of building model ships because I couldn't tie the knots for the rigging and I was a bit of a danger to myself when handling models knives, scalpels, etc for my model.

I was browsing the net one day and I came across a blog by a person named Colin Potter (you can Google him) who also had Parkinsons and had done a lot of research on the subject and he came up with two alternative treatments. The first one was diet controlled and after investigating it I decided against it as I couldn't see my wife cooking a meal for herself and another one for me as she doesn't like or is allergic to some of the ingredients in the diet. Apart from which, the diet does not allow grain based products which rules out whisky!!

The second treatment was AAT and after further investigation, I got in touch with Colin and he recommended a specialist in the USA. I contacted him and after a consultation I started used AAT. I spent three weeks coming off my NHS drugs which I did on my own (and later got a row from my neurologist for doing so without telling him) and then started on the AAT in Nov 2015.

Within 24 hours I had stopped using my walking stick and I haven't used it since. That was the most dramatic and immediate change. That was followed by the stopping of my feet freezing to the floor and the tremors also started to die down. So much so that my the end of February 2016, I finished my model boat and have since then started another one. Over the following months, the tremors have decreased and my right hand is as steady as a rock. Balance is good, wooden arm and wooden face have both disappeared and I feel great. The tremors will always be with me but they are manageable and don't stop me from doing things. I've just finished landscaping an area at the back of my house which involved moving two tons of chips, 15 paving slabs and 8 bags of sand from the front of the house to the back and getting rid of about 5 cwt of rubble

There is unfortunately a down side and that is this treatment is not available on the NHS but is available in the USA so I have to pay for it. All in all, my first year cost me some £ 6,200.00 including supplements, consultation fees, import duty, etc, etc but because I have managed to find alternative suppliers, I reckon my costs for this year are going to be in the region of £ 4,300.00 or slightly less and before anyone says I must be loaded, I am not. I'm 73 years old, a pensioner and on state pension only with very modest savings.

That's my story folks and Mucuna Pruriens does work - at least for me it does



Evening Kered2507

I read your post of October 17 regarding AAT.

Are you continuing to improve.?

I came off my meds in August this year and am now only taking Mucuna Pruriens in powder form and am increasing the dosage until I feel a clear benefit. I note you say you take Mucuna Pruriens 40% is this 40% of your total meds or is it 40% strength. Could you please also expand on the AAT as this is something I would like to research and hopefully trial.

I would be grateful for any information you are willing to impart.

Kind regards

Who is the specialist for AAT in the US?