Attendance allowance can I claim

I have Parkinson’s but was wondering of I can claim attendance allowance. I can get around and do most things but everything takes longer. For example, sometimes I need help getting dressed or drying my hair . How do I find our how much help I need. I try to be very positive about everything so sometimes cover things up.

Hello JofKL. I hope this helps:
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Hi JofKL,
Contact AgeUK. I wasn’t aware that I would qualify for Attendance Allowance but they advised me and pursued an application on my behalf which proved to be successful. GoodLuck.

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Hi! I helped my mother apply for attendance allowance. She was given the lower level initially and then when she was having to go to the loo in the night, and needed higher levels of support - she was given the higher level.

You don’t need to actually have the help (ie pay for a carer) but when things get tough and things take longer, then you meet the criteria. (At least that is how it was when Mum applied.)

My biggest tip for filling in the form is that you need to be honest about how long it takes to do things and how hard it might be. It is human nature to say “but it’s OK” or “i’m coping” “or it isn’t that hard” but if you do — then the assessors don’t see the real picture.

My uncle filled out a form for his wife and wrote that she managed with her self care and toileting etc - and coped independently with her needs at night. She wasn’t awarded AA.
He was cross as my aunt’s needs were no less than my mother’s.

BUT my mother’s form stated that is took her 20 minutes to put her tights on and she had no clothes with buttons on as she couldn’t do them and so had baggy t-shirts that she could put on and take off herself. She said that she went to the loo independently but each time took around 30 minutes. And at night as she had to get up 3/4 times - it was very tiring - as in the night each toilet trip took around 45 minutes.

I help families fill in the forms for SEN children and so have learned through that how to fill the form in to accurately get the picture across.
It is hard to write about what you can’t do so well - but otherwise the reader just gets a positive picture! My Mum initially used her AA to fund taxis so that she could go out and use less energy/effort. Saving her energy for socialising and maintaining her independence. Later it went towards carers coming in to support her.

Hello - might be helpul to see this thread too - Good luck! Attendance allowance

Hi - the best person to contact is your local Parkinson’s Area Support worker (or your PD specialist nurse). They can help you fill in the form as it’s quite complicated, plus they know all the right things to mention such as make sure you mention your bad days. We all try to be brave and say we’re coping but things do take longer and we need help or support.
Also make sure you apply for a blue badge as well.

You don’t say how young you are, so you may be eligible to apply for PIP (working age equivalent of attendance allowance)

The main thing is to seek benefits advice from somewhere like a GP care advisor or Citizen Advice Bureau or Parkinson’s specialist care advisor. When completing the form think about how you do things on your worst days.
Good luck x